Embed Subtitle into video | Subtitle Merger

Embed Subtitle into video | Subtitle Merger


Allows you to add subtitle into videos. You can add subtitles to MP4, MOV, MKV.
MP4, MOV, MKV file can contain subtitles. So with this file types output file extension remains the same. Also you can add subtitles to other video files but final video file container will be MKV (encoding remains the same). MKV file can contains any video and audio codes. E.g. you can add subtitles to AVI file, in this case output file will be MKV (keeps the video and audio encoding the same)



  • Supported subtitles are .SRT, .SUB, .SSA, .ASS, and Vobsub (.idx, .sub pair)
  • Auto detects subtitle language from subtitle text
  • Auto detects subtitle text encoding, also allows you to select proper text encoding for ANSI subtitle files and convert them to UTF-8
  • You can add multiple subtitles at the same time (simultaneously)
  • OS:Windows All (32-bit, 64-bit)
  • Language:English, Turkish

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