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Serial Code
Activation Code: Will be emailed to you (see below)
Price($): $1/month
Payment: $1 per month on Patreon

How to get an Activation Code

  1. Become a patron by joining my membership program on Patreon Become a patron
    (for help please read this Become a patron of a creator)
  2. Request activation code as follow;
    From: Your e-mail address that you signed up to Patreon
    Subject: Activation Code Request

    App Name(s): YouTube Downloader Free, ....

  3. You will receive Activation Code or Universal License Code
    Patrons can request activation code for below applications (for all of them without extra payment)

    Application 1: YouTube Downloader Free, Download (self extractor)
    Application 2: Proxy Mask, Download (portable zip)
    Application 3: Kripto Video Protector & Media Player, Download (Installer)
    Application 4: PPMF (Android version of the Kripto Video Protector), PPMF for Android

    PPMF (Android, iOS, macOS, linux) is the mobile version of the Kripto Video Protector, so the same Activation code can be used for both of them.

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to activate application, click the Activate button

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Enter activation code or Universal License Code and click the Activate button

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Virtual Activation (for Virtual PCs)

With Virtual License button, you can activate same application on Virtual PCs for free (unlimited).

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