Young Thug - High (ft. Elton John) (Official Audio) Lyrics (*.LRC)

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Singer: Young Thug | Song: High (ft. Elton John) (Official Audio)

Young Thug - High (ft. Elton John) (Official Audio) Lyrics (.LRC)

[00:00.10]And I'm gonna be high (high)
[00:07.70]I'm a rocket man, I'm a rocket man, hey!
[00:15.30]And I'm gonna be high
[00:22.90]I'm a rocket man (high)
[00:31.80]I land by my side
[00:33.40]Different land for my kind (Thugger!)
[00:35.30]Spend ol' bands for my pa (racks)
[00:37.20]Spend ol' bands for my mother (I'm a rocket man)
[00:39.10]Got a plan for my brother (hey)
[00:41.00]Chanel bag for my lover (hey)
[00:42.80]**** them ol' ******, they ol' ****as (hey)
[00:44.70]They tellin' on one another (and I'm gonna be)
[00:47.40]I want a train, let's run a train (okay)
[00:49.00]If she wan' bang, then let her bang (hey)
[00:50.90]He said he bleeding, where the stain? (where is it?)
[00:52.80]My ***** at the top of food chains (I'm a rocket man)
[00:54.60]They local, I don't even know they name (no)
[00:56.40]I been fresh since a kid, ain't never plain
[00:58.20]I just picked up a bag in Rotterdam
[01:00.00]I'ma whip out the MAC and pop ya brain
[01:02.10]I do what I want and shawty can't (yeah)
[01:04.00]I do what I feel and shawty cannot
[01:06.00]I'm diggin', I digg and shawty layin' (Thugger)
[01:07.90]And all of the ******* say they digg that (I'm a rocket man)
[01:10.20]From Maine way to Spain (woo)
[01:11.90]All I got is a *****en for the thots (yeah)
[01:14.10]I take off like a plane-
[01:15.80]And I'm gonna be high (super geeked!)
[01:23.20]Like a rocket man, hey, like a rocket man, hey!
[01:31.30]And I'm gonna be high
[01:38.40]I'm a rocket man (high)
[01:41.80]High as a plane! From Spain to Maine, you know what I'm sayin'? Damn
[01:47.90]On a private order (yeah)
[01:49.90]I'm a rocket launcher (yeah)
[01:51.50]It gotta be the pride of something (bet)
[01:53.20]I walked out, Magic stumbling (I'm a rocket man, woah)
[01:55.10]I stumble upon a mil' (yeah)
[01:57.10]I stumble upon a million five
[01:58.80]I spent a fortune all on double seals
[02:00.60]If I tell you the ****ers you'll probably cry (And I'm gonna be)
[02:04.50]If I tell you you fake then you'll probably die
[02:06.90]These days if he say that he hit then he probably lyin'
[02:11.50]If you say you got wings and some fish then you probably fried (that's deep)
[02:15.80]Got my karats out of Bonnie & Clyde (And I'm gonna be)
[02:17.80]She let me back in like she never cried
[02:19.70]She let me back in like I never lied
[02:21.60]I look like a cat with eleven lives
[02:23.50]I really kick **** you can ask a fly (I'm a rocket man)
[02:25.30]I'm steady chasing like I'm never tired
[02:27.20]I'm living scary like a haunted house
[02:29.00]Lil mama ****, I got ****erflies, hey
[02:31.00]And I'm gonna be high (high)
[02:38.90]I'm a rocket man, I'm the rocket man, hey! (yeah! yeah!)
[02:46.50]And I'm gonna be high, yeah
[02:54.10]I'm a rocket man
[03:01.40]And I'm gonna be high
[03:09.00]I'm a rocket man
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Young Thug - High (ft. Elton John) (Official Audio) Lyrics (*.LRC)

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