Young M.A - Aye Day Pay Day (Official Music Video) Lyrics (*.LRC)

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Singer: Young M.A | Song: Aye Day Pay Day (Official Music Video)

Young M.A - Aye Day Pay Day (Official Music Video) Lyrics (.LRC)

[00:02.00]Aye day pay day
[00:03.20]Counting a quarter million
[00:05.20]I was a poor civilian
[00:06.60]I used to stress about a *****, now I ignore the feelings
[00:09.80]Now I don't record the feelings (no)
[00:11.70]Now I'm gon' ball for healing (woo)
[00:12.90]Now I got money from floor to ceiling
[00:14.90]I am for sure resilient (okay)
[00:16.40]She give me that brain (ou brain) I am for sure she brilliant (okay)
[00:19.80]I put a resort on billin'
[00:21.20]This ain't at all the Hilton (not at all)
[00:22.60]And you don't want more, we ign'ant
[00:24.50]And we gon' resort to ******* (uh grrrrrrrt)
[00:26.20]Ain't no superheroes, ***** we all the villains (all the villains)
[00:29.00]We **** all the opinions (**** all the opinions)
[00:30.60]I'm takin' all the *****s (all the *****s)
[00:32.20]Put on her long Brazilian
[00:34.00]**** her from wall to window (from wall to window)
[00:35.40]The money was callin' callin'
[00:37.10]Had to abort the mission (I know)
[00:40.20]Aye day pay day
[00:41.50]Just blew a half a brick (okay)
[00:43.50]On some new dapper **** (okay)
[00:45.10]Brand new Gucci Star (brand new Gucci Star)
[00:46.70]Had to go crash the shield (had to go crash the shield)
[00:48.30]Champagne in a glass and ****
[00:50.00]On some real classy **** (on some real what?)
[00:52.00]And we don't lack for ****
[00:53.10]My shoota's gon' blast for **** (Uh grrrt)
[00:54.60]And she ain't gotta ask for ****
[00:56.20]I **** her on accident (on accident)
[00:57.90]Aye, I like a conceded *****
[00:59.40]She like that I'm arrogant (okay)
[01:01.70]Still on that trapper ****
[01:02.60]Two blocks in the cabinets (bop bop)
[01:04.80]Got a bank account in my mattresses (okay)
[01:07.10]So when I **** my ***** it's a little more passionate (I love you)
[01:10.80]I'm icing her out, she icing me out
[01:12.70]Free **** and **** (okay)
[01:14.10]Put Tito on a pistol and shot go boom
[01:15.80]Straight maxed that **** (boom boom grrrrt)
[01:18.70]Aye day pay day
[01:20.00]Counting the price of a Lamb (counting the price of a Lamb)
[01:21.90]I should go buy me a Lamb (I should go buy me a Lamb)
[01:23.40]When imma flip this, if I'm gon' spend this
[01:25.10]Imma go buy me some land (gonna go buy me some land)
[01:26.90]Oh, you a stand up guy? (what)
[01:28.10]Well, *****, you can die where you stand! (bop bop)
[01:29.70]Better think twice lil' man
[01:31.00]Ain't talk this big lil' ice my man (this big ice)
[01:32.80]Oh you Can't afford this? (No)
[01:34.80]This rich price lil' man (this rich price)
[01:36.40]She shakin' her*****like dice in her hands (shake that ass, shake that ass)
[01:39.90]Her ***** pulled up to the club, now she outside fighting her man (damn)
[01:42.50]Now I feel bad 'cause I was really planning on ****ng her, damn (damn)
[01:45.70]We know these hoes is loose, they be all taped up, man (they be all taped up)
[01:48.90]O.G got me fried, feel like my mind in a pan (whoosh)
[01:52.20]Counting this guap in my hand
[01:54.00]Tellin' my guys we gotta expand (oouu)
[01:57.00]It's aye day pay day (aye)
[02:00.50]Aye day pay day
[02:03.20]Aye day pay day
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Young M.A - Aye Day Pay Day (Official Music Video) Lyrics (*.LRC)

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