Yo Gotti - Thinking Hours (Official Audio) Lyrics (*.LRC)

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Singer: Yo Gotti | Song: Thinking Hours (Official Audio)

Yo Gotti - Thinking Hours (Official Audio) Lyrics (.LRC)

[00:00.00]by RentAnAdviser.com
[00:14.70]I just woke up
[00:15.70]My whole city crying
[00:17.00]Every 60 seconds they blowin' up my line (ring)
[00:20.30]I ain't speakin' on **** that ain't no business of mine
[00:23.30]And I ain't got the time (So I ain't even trying)
[00:27.00]This the city of Memphis
[00:28.60]This the city of Kings
[00:29.90]I got faith in the city
[00:31.50]Martin died for the dream
[00:33.20]When you jump in these streets
[00:34.80]You gotta know what that mean
[00:36.40]That's why I don't leave the house
[00:37.90]Without a switch and a beam
[00:39.60]If I'm 100% honest, I'm a lil disappointed
[00:42.70]With allegations and rumors
[00:44.50]Like you ****** wanted
[00:45.90]Me ****** bars
[00:47.50]Not in these foreign cars
[00:49.10]I ain't on that petty ****
[00:50.70]***** I'm creating stars
[00:52.40]Who brought you Birthday Bash
[00:54.20]Wit' yo favorite stars
[00:55.60]Who the first *****
[00:57.10]Jumpin' out yo favorite cars (Gotti)
[00:58.90]North Memphis trappin'**********
[01:01.00]And I ain't never let 'em play me
[01:03.50]Like these rappin'***********
[01:04.60]Never been no*****kisser
[01:06.10]Gotti a hater
[01:07.40]Oh I'm the last *****
[01:08.70]So the street honoring lies
[01:10.40]I wash my hands wit' 'em
[01:11.80]***** I put on for this city
[01:13.60]Without a flaw on my name
[01:15.20]And dealt wit' everything that came wit' it
[01:17.50]I put plagues on the wall
[01:20.10]I put ****** on Billboard
[01:22.20]I done lived a life these ****** would kill for
[01:25.30]I was feeding the babies
[01:26.80]Puttin' ****** through school
[01:28.30]Turnt trappers to execs
[01:29.90]Now they in board rooms
[01:31.40]***** I changed the future
[01:33.00]Never joined a gang
[01:34.60]Stayed neutral
[01:35.20]I ain't pocket watchin' ******
[01:36.60]If you winnin', I salute you
[01:38.20]Maybe I'm too big for ****** to understand
[01:40.90]Or maybe I'm too real
[01:43.00]And I don't understand
[01:44.20]Got a question for my city
[01:45.40]Is you proud of me or not
[01:47.10]Soccer team owner
[01:48.70]I used to get it out the pot
[01:50.60]At $20 a pop
[01:52.10]In Ridgecrest sellin' rocks
[01:53.70]Now I just broke ground to build a condo down on Popular
[01:57.40]Wit' Gotti in the driver seat
[01:59.10]They know nobody stopping us
[02:00.20]Again, why would I be hatin'
[02:02.40]Nobody*****as us
[02:03.60]Do you know what I'm worth
[02:04.90]Do you know what I own
[02:06.40]You can check my investments
[02:08.30]You can Google my home
[02:09.70]And I don't say I'm a King
[02:11.20]Cuz I sit on a throne
[02:12.80]***** I say I'm a King
[02:14.40]Cuz I stand on my own
[02:16.10]I provide for my people
[02:17.70]Me and my ****** are equal
[02:19.30]I put on for my city
[02:21.70]No one gets the prize
[02:27.50]by RentAnAdviser.com
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Yo Gotti - Thinking Hours (Official Audio) Lyrics (*.LRC)

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