Yo Gotti - If I Ever Thought (Official Audio) Lyrics (*.LRC)

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Singer: Yo Gotti | Song: If I Ever Thought (Official Audio)

Yo Gotti - If I Ever Thought (Official Audio) Lyrics (.LRC)

[00:00.00]by RentAnAdviser.com
[00:05.00]For real, for real
[00:08.70]Can you imagine being me?
[00:11.30]Just know you can't, for real
[00:13.90]No ****s, whole lot of money, whole lot of speculations
[00:21.90]You couldn't even imagine
[00:24.40]Can I think out loud? Can I tell myself I'm proud?
[00:27.50]You ever looked in the mirror and said you foul 'cause you living wild?
[00:31.50]Can I speak out loud?
[00:32.90]Is anybody listening? It may take a while
[00:35.90]May have a lot to say, you heard me?
[00:37.90]But this ain't therapy
[00:39.40]This that ex-**** dealer hall of fame jersey
[00:42.50]This that kept it gangster in every song
[00:44.80]I might be living wrong
[00:46.00]This that in the kitchen cooking bricks up in the zonе
[00:49.00]This that spin the block and spin again until they gone
[00:51.90]This that oncе you got up, you went put your ****** on
[00:54.90]This that you can't trust no *****, so you can't find love (At all)
[00:58.00]This that **** security, we take pistols in the club
[01:00.80]This that he so quiet, they don't know what he be thinkin'
[01:03.90]Millions on my mind, if we ain't gettin' money, why we linkin'?
[01:07.20]I don't get high to just be high, if we ain't *****ratin', why we drinkin'?
[01:10.00]Big Gotti, I do big ****, I don't know what you ****** thinkin'
[01:23.90]Sometimes I cry when I'm alone
[01:25.60]Most times I don't answer my phone
[01:27.90]I be talking to God like, "Am I wrong?"
[01:30.10]I do whatever I gotta do to make it home (But snitch)
[01:33.20]Don't never think Gotti alone
[01:35.20]I don't move like that
[01:36.70]Yeah, I'm mister no pressure, yeah, I'm smooth like that
[01:39.40]Don't be speaking 'bout— we ain't cool like that
[01:42.70]So many times i done been doubted
[01:45.20]You ****** should know that I'm 'bout it
[01:46.70]Gangster, but I ain't that proud about it
[01:49.50]Yeah, my visions on billions
[01:51.40]My visions on building buildings
[01:53.60]Making street ****** millions
[01:55.20]I don't gossip or do rumors, I don't excercise feelings
[01:58.00]You internet gangster-ass ******, I ain't feeling
[02:00.90]I'm flawless, I ain't never fold
[02:02.70]All this pressure and i ain't never told
[02:07.60]Big Gotti, big Memphis, you know what I'm saying?
[02:09.30]Big CMG
[02:12.80]Big everything, *****, to you little-ass ******
[02:17.30]by RentAnAdviser.com
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Yo Gotti - If I Ever Thought (Official Audio) Lyrics (*.LRC)

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