YG - Still Brazy Lyrics (*.LRC)

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Singer: YG | Song: Still Brazy

YG - Still Brazy Lyrics (.LRC)

[00:47.27]This ****, this ****,
[00:54.00]My life, my life
[00:56.20]***** this **** brazy.
[01:00.70]***** this **** brazy.
[01:04.37]This ****, this ****.
[01:05.43]This **** brazy
[01:08.53]This ****, this ****.
[01:10.00]This **** brazy
[01:14.33]***** this **** brazy.
[01:16.30]Oh lawd. Oh.
[01:18.73]***** this **** brazy
[01:20.17]Look at my life
[01:21.43]Been thru it all got bullet wounds twice
[01:23.43]Still dont know where it kame from yikes
[01:26.10]Why erbody want a piece of my pie
[01:28.27]I, i, gotta keep guns wit me
[01:31.20]**** real I aint trying to be pretty
[01:33.33]Paranoid got this henny in my kidney
[01:35.40]Kause I dont know if they wit me or against me
[01:37.73]They always said this was how its gone be
[01:39.73]But me, I aint wanna believe
[01:42.03]They dont wanna see a ***** wit the green
[01:44.57]The reason for the 4o cal wit the beam
[01:46.77]Devils on me got me trippin
[01:49.33]I use to party I went scotty like pippen
[01:51.17]Now I don't trust ******,
[01:52.23]And I stopped inviting ********
[01:53.37]Over to the krib
[01:54.60]They kant know where im livin **** brazy
[01:59.17]This **** ***** this **** brazy
[02:03.03]This ****, this ****,
[02:04.50]This **** brazy
[02:05.53]Oh lawd. Oh. Lawd
[02:08.40]***** this **** brazy
[02:10.77]Oh ****. This ****, this ****,
[02:13.20]This **** brazy
[02:14.47]Verse 2, verse 2
[02:16.43]I got too much to spit for verse 2
[02:18.47]Just be kareful on how you approach dude
[02:20.47]Kause he done already heard
[02:21.67]About what u wanna do
[02:23.07]Paranoia, paranoia,
[02:25.40]Paranoia down in killa california
[02:27.47]Whats they motive, whats they motive ****
[02:30.00]Im the klosest wit some money they know of
[02:32.00]Lady problems, family problems, homie problems,
[02:33.47]All this drama, on my momma ,
[02:34.43]This the type of ****
[02:35.37]You sweat out in the sauna.
[02:36.27]Grandma pray for me
[02:37.23]Devil keep away from me
[02:39.10]Fell out wit my day 1
[02:40.23]That was my ace to me mind blown
[02:41.67]Somthin different what im on
[02:43.40]All this **** got me in anotha rhyme zone
[02:45.50]Lately, I been at home.
[02:48.03]I grab the pistol when I answer the door
[02:50.03]Kuz **** brazy.
[02:53.33]This **** ***** this **** brazy
[02:57.13]This ****, this ****
[02:58.53]This **** brazy
[03:00.17]Oh lawd. Oh. Lawd
[03:02.67]***** this **** brazy
[03:06.13]This ****, this ****
[03:07.47]This **** brazy
[03:08.70]I ain't f with this, but I f with this
[03:10.03]Can't complain about it,
[03:11.27]Gotta find out where he gotta **********
[03:12.43]Gotta put cameras all around the crib
[03:14.50]Gotta, gotta wear the vest like a bib
[03:17.03]Got some, got some problems, a whole lot 'em
[03:19.50]So I stay dangerous, osama
[03:21.67]***** say they heard about a million dollars
[03:24.47]So I gotta bulletproof the impala
[03:26.37]Man I'm 'bout to lose it
[03:27.40]Homies I'm confused with
[03:28.37]Money get involved,
[03:29.50]It's all bad, they switch too quick
[03:30.73]It's too sick,
[03:31.77]Thought you was realer, my *****
[03:32.77]Got popped, you ain't do ****
[03:34.10]Thought you was my killer, my *****
[03:35.17]Oh! **** get realer, my *****
[03:37.17]When ****** know you gettin' skrilla, my *****
[03:40.20]I don't know what's gotten into my *****
[03:41.67]Close from day one, I was with him, my *****
[03:44.10]This **** brazy
[03:46.73]This ****, *****, this **** brazy
[03:51.50]Oh this ****, this ****
[03:52.70]This **** brazy
[03:54.50]Oh lawd, oh lawd,
[03:57.20]***** this **** brazy
[04:00.60]This ****, this ****
[04:01.63]This **** brazy
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YG - Still Brazy Lyrics (*.LRC)

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