Tom MacDonald - Scars Lyrics (*.LRC)

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Singer: Tom MacDonald | Song: Scars

Tom MacDonald - Scars Lyrics (.LRC)

[00:02.10]I don't remember how I got all these scars
[00:05.10]But I know I lived a hell of a life
[00:08.80]I can't remember how I made it this far
[00:11.70]But I know it was a hell of a fight
[00:14.80]Could've been some bones in a coffin stone
[00:17.50]Drinkin' *****, locked up with the bros, causin' problems, broke
[00:20.90]At the bottom, you know that I
[00:22.80]Got a lot of marks under these clothes
[00:25.50]Should've killed me, somehow I survived
[00:29.50]These tattoos on my arms
[00:37.10]Hide from you all the scars
[00:43.90]These tattoos on my arms
[00:50.90]Hide from you all the scars
[00:57.00]I don't remember how I ended up here
[01:00.10]But I know I prolly should've died
[01:03.10]I don't remember why I cried all those tears
[01:06.60]But I know that I turned out alright
[01:09.50]I know the people wanted me dead
[01:11.80]I lost all my friends, was runnin' from the cops
[01:14.40]Gettin' bread, was dark in my head, you know that I have
[01:17.50]Seen a lot of things in all of my years
[01:20.30]But I'm thankful for this crazy life
[01:24.20]Every single scar and every single scrape
[01:25.80]Every bruise and tattoo along the way
[01:27.40]Tells a little story that I can't explain
[01:29.00]Because the words escape me, but the marks remain
[01:30.80]They won't ever fade, and they can't be erased
[01:32.50]They made me who I am, and I am not ashamed
[01:34.10]Every bump and scratch and every drop of blood
[01:35.90]Prove how far I've came
[01:38.00]These tattoos on my arms
[01:45.70]Hide from you all the scars
[01:52.70]These tattoos on my arms
[01:59.60]Hide from you all the scars
[02:06.10]I have had my scars longer than most of my friends
[02:09.30]Crashed a couple cars, put some stitches in my legs
[02:13.00]Looked up at the stars, and all I can say is "Thanks"
[02:16.30]Recovery was hard, but it made me who I am
[02:19.70]All these ugly battle scars complete me
[02:22.20]They're reminders of the demons who tried their best to defeat me
[02:25.70]They don't look so good in photos, but my struggles ain't beneath me
[02:28.80]And these tattoos ain't for nothin', this is physical graffiti
[02:32.40]Every broken bone, all the sticks and stones
[02:34.20]And the moments when I felt so alone
[02:35.90]Every single tear and like a million beers
[02:37.50]That I only drank so I could try to cope
[02:39.30]Every bloody nose and all the muddy clothes
[02:41.10]When I was in the dirt down inside a*****
[02:42.90]Every single scuff and every single scab
[02:44.60]Made me who I am
[02:47.60]These tattoos on my arms
[02:54.40]Hide from you all the scars
[03:01.00]These tattoos on my arms
[03:08.10]Hide from you all the scars
[03:14.80]These tattoos on my arms
[03:21.90]Hide from you all the scars
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Tom MacDonald - Scars Lyrics (*.LRC)

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