Tom MacDonald - NAKED Lyrics (*.LRC)

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Singer: Tom MacDonald | Song: NAKED

Tom MacDonald - NAKED Lyrics (.LRC)

[00:02.50]I'm doin' my best, I keep tellin' y'all that I'm stressed
[00:04.80]Givin' everything and no less, they all really good, but I'm best
[00:07.80]Go in ****er one, look what's next, made like twenty million, no flex
[00:10.80]They all shootin' at me, no vest, please stop prayin' for me, I'm blessed
[00:13.90]Keep my circle small, no guess
[00:15.40]Got anxiety in my chest, I can't lie to y'all, I'm depressed
[00:18.40]My life wild, dawg, I'm a mess, got security for the threats
[00:21.40]All these enemies that I get, tryna find a little respect
[00:24.40]They been speakin' out of they neck, it's been *****in' wit' me
[00:27.20]No ****god, feel like I'm the best, dawg
[00:29.50]I just keep on shuttin' down these features like they frozen on my desktop
[00:33.20]Yes, ya, eatin' all these rappers like a mess hall
[00:36.10]Thousand miles an hour, I don't ever take a rest stop
[00:39.20]Slept on, homie, you should probably save your breath, dawg
[00:42.30]I ain't tryna hear it 'cause lately I just forget lots
[00:45.30]Pep talks, I ain't need advice or to be checked on
[00:48.40]I just need my wifey in a bed that I could rest on
[00:51.60]Teflon, even when I'm *****
[00:54.00]Haters, that's heartbreakin', ain't it? Yeah
[00:57.30]Teflon, even when I'm *****
[00:59.90]Haters, that's heartbreakin', ain't it?
[01:03.20]You know I'm the man, I built all of this with my hands
[01:05.80]Ain't no record label, just fans, I do everything that I can
[01:08.60]I do anything for my fam, ain't no diamonds on me, no brands
[01:11.60]Gave like a hundred grand to my dad, this all goin' accordin' to my plan
[01:14.70]This my destiny, it ain't chance
[01:16.10]Y'all can't cancel me like Rosanne, y'all so jelly on me, no jam
[01:19.20]Y'all the type of folk I can't stand, can't get clout, don't give no damns
[01:22.10]I got plaques on plaques on plaques on plaques on plaques
[01:24.70]I'm just doin' what they can't, uh, no cap, no cap, no cap, no cap
[01:27.40]No cap y'all, feel like I'm the rap god
[01:30.10]No, that ain't a diss on Eminem, he practically why I rap, dawg
[01:33.70]Paparazzi cameras, see the flash in my backyard
[01:36.70]Addicted to my work 'cause my world ****r than crack rocks
[01:39.80]Back off, let me blast off, when we last talked it was Drama'
[01:42.80]I ain't playin' wit' you like a sandbox, I ain't hangin' wit' you, try and trash talk
[01:45.90]I've been cuttin' ties like a hacksaw, y'all been on my ***** like a hand job
[01:48.70]Y'all ain't sittin' with me like a lap, dawg, and I keep my word like a chat log, yeah
[01:53.90]Teflon, even when I'm *****
[01:55.80]Haters, that's heartbreakin', ain't it? Yeah
[01:59.40]Teflon, even when I'm *****
[02:02.30]Haters, that's heartbreakin', ain't it?
[02:05.60]I'm ready to go, it's like "If you know, then you know"
[02:07.80]I ain't keepin' enemies close, if your bros are bros, we're bros
[02:10.90]You might wanna whip me, I don't, I ain't runnin' 'round with no hoes
[02:13.90]I don't live my life by your code, I just work my hands to the bone
[02:16.90]I don't grind it out for the dough
[02:18.50]I need peace inside of my soul, I need karma, helpin' me grow
[02:21.40]I need love inside of my home, pray I fail, I promise I won't
[02:24.50]All my album plaques made of gold, man, I stacked up five in a row
[02:27.60]Man, I don't got no rich haters, all of them are dumb broke
[02:31.00]Stab me in the back, I'm leavin' cutthroat
[02:33.10]Skippin' over everyone, don't even need a jump rope
[02:36.20]Gun smoke, took so many shots, I should be blood-****ed
[02:39.20]Aimin' for the stars, I keep it movin' like a tugboat
[02:42.20]Young folks, I know that it's hard for y'all to trust most
[02:45.40]Life gets so confusin', so stay tuned to what your gut knows
[02:48.40]Rough roads always make it tough to keep your cup full
[02:51.30]If you can't take the heat, then you'll find out when you get sun******
[02:54.60]Teflon, even when I'm *****
[02:56.60]Haters, that's heartbreakin', ain't it? Yeah
[03:00.30]Teflon, even when I'm *****
[03:03.00]Haters, that's heartbreakin', ain't it?
[03:06.90]Teflon, even when I'm *****
[03:09.30]Haters, that's heartbreakin', ain't it? Yeah
[03:12.60]Teflon, even when I'm *****
[03:15.70]Haters, that's heartbreakin', ain't it?
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Tom MacDonald - NAKED Lyrics (*.LRC)

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