The Beach Boys - A Day At The San Diego Zoo (Pet Sounds) Lyrics advanced (*.LRC)

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Singer: The Beach Boys | Song: A Day At The San Diego Zoo (Pet Sounds)

The Beach Boys - A Day At The San Diego Zoo (Pet Sounds) Lyrics (.LRC) Advanced

[00:01.27]Wouldn't it be nice if we were older
[00:04.50]Then we wouldn't have to wait so long
[00:08.30]Ted molter: it was a wonderful thing that happened here
[00:10.17]50 Years ago.
[00:11.70]It's pretty well known that the beach boys shot the album
[00:14.00]Cover of pet sounds here at the san diego zoo,
[00:16.30]But what is really hard to identify is the exact spot
[00:19.03]It took place because in 50 years, a lot has changed here.
[00:21.73]When we can say goodnight and stay together
[00:27.50]Wouldn't it be nice if we could wake up
[00:30.00]San diego zoo is *****rating its 100 year anniversary
[00:32.30]This year and I think it's an amazing coincidence
[00:34.77]That the beach boys pet sounds is also 50 years.
[00:38.03]That marks the middle of the time that we've been here.
[00:42.37]In the last 50 years, we've almost renovated
[00:44.40]The entire 100 acres of the san diego zoo.
[00:47.33]The trees have moved, boulders have moved,
[00:49.13]Pathways have moved. It's a very different
[00:51.23]Place than what it was at the time the
[00:52.40]Album was shot, so it's not so easy to
[00:54.60]Identify the exact location. But when you look
[00:57.33]At the album cover, you see that they're
[00:59.00]Petting animals. That gives us our first
[01:01.50]Really significant clue which will bring us
[01:03.30]To the children's zoo where we had a petting
[01:05.27]Corral where people could meet and touch goats
[01:07.27]And sheep and other animals that we had.
[01:09.10]Brian wilson: so we asked the guy, 'can we feed the
[01:11.47]Goats apples
[01:12.67]Because we're going to take a picture for an
[01:14.07]Album cover?' He goes 'sure'. So we all stood
[01:16.40]There and handed little pieces of apples to
[01:19.70]The goats and we took a picture.
[01:23.10]Al jardine: yeah... I'm feeding one of the goats on the
[01:25.67]Album cover...i didn't get it.
[01:37.13]Ted molter: I'm standing in the petting zoo at the san
[01:39.13]Diego zoo children's zoo. This is the
[01:41.43]Location where the beach boys album cover
[01:44.07]For pet sounds was shot. Things have
[01:46.47]Changed quite a bit, the structure that
[01:49.63]Is here in the side of the picture would
[01:51.50]Have been just ****** me. Taking a look of
[01:54.20]The archival ****** of the petting corral
[01:56.23]That we had here at the san diego zoo, we
[01:58.33]Do see that full structure. So recognizing
[02:01.17]That that structure is in the cover of pet
[02:03.13]Sounds, it's easy to overlay that on an
[02:05.23]Archival image that shows the entire
[02:07.33]Structure and its position here within
[02:09.23]The petting area.
[02:10.73]But as I take a few steps back here,
[02:12.70]I think we find we're in about exactly
[02:15.03]The location where the image was taken
[02:17.10]When they came in to meet the animals.
[02:19.10]Wouldn't it be nice if we could wake up
[02:22.77]So we're very excited about the 100th
[02:24.30]Anniversary of the san diego zoo and
[02:26.43]The 50th anniversary of pet sounds.
[02:28.53]We invite you to come down and *****rate
[02:30.53]With us, visit the children's zoo and
[02:32.73]Stand right here in the same spot that
[02:34.30]The beach boys did recreate your moment
[02:36.47]And your own version of the pet sounds album cover.
[02:39.50]I wish that every kiss was neverending
[02:46.10]Wouldn't it be nice
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The Beach Boys - A Day At The San Diego Zoo (Pet Sounds) Lyrics advanced (*.LRC)

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