T.I. - Jefe ft. Meek Mill Lyrics (*.LRC)

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Singer: T.I. | Song: Jefe ft. Meek Mill

T.I. - Jefe ft. Meek Mill Lyrics (.LRC)

[00:00.00]by RentAnAdviser.com
[00:17.40](Oy papi, Meek apurate, ****!)
[00:22.30](No se me importa. ¿Puedes apurarte?)
[00:24.10](Quiero la plata, nada más)
[00:42.90]Yeah, **** up that money, then make it again
[00:47.10]I **** her twice, then I make her my friend
[00:50.00]****, look at these haters, they hatin' again
[00:54.50]I know they don't like it, they takin' it in
[00:56.50]**** up a check, then we makin' it back
[00:58.20]She like Chanel, I'ma drape her in that
[01:00.10]She want the D, I've been waitin' on that
[01:01.70]I've been doing my thing, they've been hatin' on that
[01:03.70]And I meant what I said, I ain't takin' it back
[01:05.70]We get you chain, we ain't takin' it back
[01:07.60]Reach for my chain, catch a facial for that
[01:09.40]Only speak on my name when you statin' the facts, please
[01:12.00]I know we ballin' too much
[01:13.30]And all of these pretty hoes fallin' for us
[01:15.10]I say, "Ven aquí mami, " and call it to us
[01:17.10]If I give you my ****er, don't call me too much, comprende?
[01:21.30]City to city, bad ******* and *******, she jump on the jet with me, she on the tour
[01:25.00]I'm in Balenci', Laurent and Givenchy, my pockets on Benji and she in Dior
[01:28.70]Flex on the 'Gram just to look like you got it, but really you broke
[01:32.50]Since ****as pop **** on their Twitter, like killers and really get smoked (really get smoked)
[01:36.20]Know ****** that used to be trappers on Twitter just tellin' these jokes (tellin' these jokes)
[01:40.00]While we gettin' money, just burnin' this bread, tryna turn it to toast, for real
[01:43.90]They say we talk about money too much, but maybe they ain't gettin' money enough
[01:47.40]I say, "Dimelo, papi," he combo the truck, he gon' make a tab and I'm runnin' it up, gracias!
[01:57.50]Let me welcome you, get introduced to the king
[01:59.80]Bentleys, Ferraris, brand new and they clean
[02:01.60]So disappointed when ****** talk **** on their records, when you see 'em, don't do anything
[02:05.30]Okay, killin' these ****** with more than before
[02:07.10]Been stuntin' and shinin' since back in the nineties
[02:09.10]I'm 'bout it, forgot the Glock in my pocket, remind you and plug the whole city ****** me
[02:12.80]Spent hundreds of thousands, no millions on diamonds
[02:14.70]In Philly, they go ask Meek Milly about me
[02:16.50]I'm solid and thorough, stand up as ****
[02:18.20]See these ******, I just be like, 'What the ****? '
[02:20.10]Ain't no way in hell you can **** with us
[02:21.90]Like a bad ***** with no furniture, I can't do nothin' with her
[02:24.10]Still hit her and them bad ******* who hung with her
[02:26.00]That's how I do, ay, can't give you the formula
[02:27.90]Don't stop me, I'm just warmin' up
[02:29.60]****** be actin', the **** they performin' for
[02:31.40]Leave 'em right there for the coroner
[02:33.40]Man, my ***** look so bad, she a foreigner
[02:35.10]Aston Martin, the attire is formal
[02:36.90]How we kick it, ain't **** 'bout us normal
[02:38.80]We Grand Hustle, schemin' and chasin' our dream, stackin' that paper
[02:42.40]Hearin' my ****, you see me, you see what I mean, drippin' that flavor
[02:46.20]**** ****** hatin', don't try me, I split that potato, then go sit and eat with the mayor
[02:49.90]Skiin' in Vail, David Chapelle told me you ****** is funny as hell
[02:53.70]Run to the smoke and then runnin' and tell, open the vault, put you under the jail
[02:58.20]Como dice Pablo 'Plata O Plomo'?
[03:02.00]Así es como es
[03:05.90]Que te vaya bien, *****!
[03:09.20]Hey, que pase, mi amigo
[03:12.10]You know that *****?
[03:13.00]Ay, tranquilo
[03:15.90]What'd he do?
[03:19.40]Ask him if he got some weed
[03:23.00]Yo quiero grande mota
[03:26.00]Man, what'd you just say?
[03:27.50]Cómo se dice a lot of weed
[03:30.90](Yeah) Yeah yo quiero grande mota
[03:32.70]Okay (huh?)
[03:34.10]******a? (Hell yeah)
[03:36.10]Mucho (We want that)
[03:41.60]Ya dig?
[03:43.40]by RentAnAdviser.com
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T.I. - Jefe ft. Meek Mill Lyrics (*.LRC)

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