ScHoolboy Q - Soccer Dad (Audio) Lyrics (*.LRC)

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Singer: ScHoolboy Q | Song: Soccer Dad (Audio)

ScHoolboy Q - Soccer Dad (Audio) Lyrics (.LRC)

[00:23.90]Now here we go again, before I had a fam'
[00:26.30]Was mappin' out everything I wanted, earned what I planned
[00:29.10]You ***** ****** know about my body, caught my second wind
[00:32.10]Quit actin' like me and my crew of ****** ain't bring the rappers in
[00:34.80]Quit actin' like the **** you said wouldn't work, like we ain't make it win
[00:37.70]Quit actin' like you know me, little *****, we was never friends
[00:40.50]My knuckle game, my flip-flop too crazy, I am really him
[00:43.50]The soccer dad, my real life too wavy, while I cheer the stands
[00:46.40]You little rappers go and wipe your mouth and go pull up your pants, hm
[00:51.30]Damn, *****, damn, get up off my ****
[00:54.00]Damn, *****, damn, get up off my *******
[00:56.80]Damn, *****, damn, get up off my ****
[00:59.60]Damn, *****, damn, get up off my *******
[01:02.60]Damn, *****, damn, get up off my ****
[01:05.30]Damn, *****, damn
[01:11.20]Groovy ass, no face killer that love to smile
[01:13.80]They wonder how I mind my business and still around
[01:16.50]I got half a ticket parked out crooked, they wonder how
[01:19.20]'Cause the Ms on me match my age, my *****, wow
[01:22.40]I am he, no face killer, and you's a clown
[01:25.20]You can paint it good, but truth be told, it's watered down
[01:28.20]Had a microphone, styles I flavored, and just a couch
[01:30.80]Took it platinum twenty plus times, *****, I'm not a slouch
[01:33.80]Never had a problem with ****** I couldn't twist up
[01:36.80]The big homie, no big homies to politic from
[01:39.70]The blueprint of keepin' it low and stackin' ya' chips up
[01:42.70]We buckled down, made **** happen, they didn't pick us
[01:45.70]Death, disappointment and struggles ain't make my back ache
[01:48.70]Pops never showed up, I thank him, it made my life great
[01:51.50]The only child raised by *****, I had to turn ape
[01:54.20]The mental of a Black man hustle, I move at God's pace
[01:57.20]Real life pain what I'm talkin', so I don't play rap
[01:59.90]The **** you enjoy what I'm kickin', I'm goin' through that
[02:02.90]The lame ****** tell us who cool now, where they do that?
[02:05.70]Tears on my collar, I'm perfect, it turned a new leaf
[02:08.70]Black *****, bomb*****babies, I took a new leap
[02:11.60]*********ed every goal that I put out and got a new reach
[02:15.20]Deuce rap, G-Scrap, tootle-tootle and they do it through me, uh
[02:19.60]Get up off my ****
[02:20.90]Damn, *****, damn (Damn, damn)
[02:23.40]Damn, *****, damn (Bounce)
[02:26.20]Damn, *****, damn (Damn, damn)
[02:29.00]Damn, *****, damn (Bounce)
[02:31.90]Damn, *****, damn (Damn, damn)
[02:34.80]Damn, *****, damn (Bounce)
[02:37.80]Damn, *****, damn
[02:40.60]Damn, *****, damn
[02:43.60]Damn, *****, damn
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ScHoolboy Q - Soccer Dad (Audio) Lyrics (*.LRC)

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