Ne Yo - Don't Love Me (Official Video) Lyrics (*.LRC)

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Singer: Ne Yo | Song: Don't Love Me (Official Video)

Ne Yo - Don't Love Me (Official Video) Lyrics (.LRC)

[00:06.17]Babe, I miss you. You're so hot
[00:10.09]You know I love when you cook for me
[00:11.68]Are you making my favorite?
[00:13.18]This is my main dish
[00:15.97]Then we're going to go upstairs for dessert
[00:17.48]You feel me?
[00:18.10]You're so *******
[00:19.64]Otherwise, you'd be my dessert, too
[00:22.44]I'd even do that thing that you like me to do with my tongue
[00:25.69]I've got to run, babe. I'll see you soon
[00:29.03]All good down here. There he is. Hey
[00:33.41]What's up, babe? How are you doing? Good?
[00:35.95]Tell the people what you're doing
[00:37.45]Hey, y'all. Just whipping up something for my baby
[00:40.96]I feel so special. Isn't he amazing y’all?
[00:43.75]Girl, it ain't done yet.
[00:44.79]Come on.
[00:45.46]All right. Hey, y'all. I'm trying to do something special for you
[00:49.09]You want to bring all 50,000 people into the kitchen with us
[00:50.76]I know. I just want them to see how amazing you are
[00:53.30]All right, well...
[00:55.18]He's so fine, y’all
[00:57.64]I figure I'll just-
[00:58.31]Say, “hey."
[00:59.27]I said hey.
[01:00.14]All laid out. He's so organized
[01:06.90]Little seasoning.
[01:08.07]A little extra, you know.
[01:15.45]Oh, ****. Burnt those up, babe
[01:19.12]Yeah. Obviously.
[01:19.100]What happened?
[01:21.75]I burnt them.
[01:25.50]It's okay. We're going to do some more rolls. It's okay.
[01:30.80]Bae. Can you get off the phone?
[01:31.92]No, because you're cute.
[01:33.13]You trying to embarrass me? That's what you're doing?
[01:37.14]I'm trying to do something just for you
[01:39.06]I'm not trying to embarrass you, no. Really? It's just burnt buns.
[01:45.48]Nah you’re good. Don’t worry about it.
[01:53.49]Okay, y'all. We gonna to try this again.
[02:02.33]And I really wanna see happy
[02:06.21]I really wanna see you secure
[02:10.96]Confident in yo ****
[02:13.84]I know you don't feel that with me anymore
[02:19.22]You should walk away
[02:22.10]It'd be selfish of me to ask you to stay
[02:26.44]When I know that I can
[02:27.94]Not love you the way you deserve
[02:30.65]I can’t sit and watch you make these same mistakes
[02:34.57]Ones I know that you’re willing to make
[02:37.49]Please oh please
[02:39.83]Dont love me
[02:41.70]Walk away
[02:43.66]You'll be better for it
[02:46.04]I cant be
[02:48.50]Your happy
[02:50.46]Walk away
[02:52.13]You'll be better for it girl
[02:56.51]I'm only gonna hurt you
[03:00.39]You'll be better for it girl
[03:04.85]Find some one that deserves you
[03:10.06]Running after all these thots
[03:11.65]Steady telling you I'm not
[03:13.07]Lying to ya face
[03:14.07]Done got
[03:14.74]2 Easy for me to not
[03:16.20]Even though I love you a-lot
[03:18.86]All imma wind up doing is making you hate me
[03:23.12]I broke your self-esteem and made you feel crazy
[03:26.46]So walk away
[03:28.42]- I think we might need to press the breaks on this for a second
[03:30.63]I mean, this ain't right
[03:31.59]You're not happy. I can see that in your face
[03:34.00]There's no point in us being unhappy together
[03:35.51]We didn't start out like this
[03:37.05]I mean, I don't know how it got here
[03:38.38]But it doesn't make any sense for me
[03:39.97]To hold on to this for a selfish reason
[03:41.85]I can't be what you need me to be right now
[03:44.68]As much as it pains me to say that
[03:46.35]I mean, i. Girl, I love you, but I love you enough to let you walk away
[03:49.69]So walk away
[03:52.19]I'm the reason that the tears
[03:53.86]Run down your face
[03:56.19]I’m the reason that you’ve
[03:57.78]Felt so out of place as of late
[04:00.57]And to stay with me
[04:01.78]It would be a mistake,
[04:04.49]One I know that you’re willing to make
[04:07.41]Please oh please
[04:10.04]Dont love me
[04:12.04]Walk away
[04:13.67]You'll be better for it
[04:16.21]I cant be
[04:18.17]Your happy
[04:20.34]Walk away
[04:22.01]You'll be better for it girl
[04:26.47]I’m only gonna hurt you
[04:30.35]You'll be better for it girl
[04:34.86]Find someone that deserves you babe
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Ne Yo - Don't Love Me (Official Video) Lyrics (*.LRC)

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