NF - Real Lyrics (*.LRC)

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Singer: NF | Song: Real

NF - Real Lyrics (.LRC)

[00:08.93]Ya real music
[00:23.40]Who's getting that
[00:24.93]You getting that headspace
[00:29.07]Somebody get the body bags we gonna put the beats in em na
[00:32.07]Put the mc's in em
[00:33.40]Season em
[00:34.67]Put em on a beat with me and I'm eatin' em
[00:36.13]Get away from the table you rappers ain't hungry enough
[00:38.63]You rappers ain't hungry like us
[00:40.60]They talk about me like I'm here they talk about you like you was who
[00:42.97]That nurse came into my room she told me I'm sick in the head
[00:46.40]I'm in*****hops' hospital bed
[00:48.00]With a pad and a pen and a brace on my neck
[00:49.93]They told me that
[00:51.17]I'm never leaving why I am as ill as it gets
[00:53.07]Any rapper that says that they runnin' the game
[00:55.03]Ima come in the session and cut off they legs
[00:57.83]***** a grenade to my head
[00:59.17]Pull out the pin my music is mind blowin'
[01:01.50]Ain't nobody do it like I do it
[01:03.03]You ain't never been on my level
[01:05.07]I got a problem with the way they keep talkin' and actin' like everybody
[01:06.63]Gonna get it better sleep with ya eyes open
[01:08.40]You wanna know what I noticed
[01:10.40]Look around at my fan base and they ready
[01:12.83]That last album was heavy
[01:14.57]That last album was gritty
[01:16.10]How you gonna match that just let me
[01:17.93]Do what I do best
[01:19.40]You're better off playin' russian roulette
[01:21.13]Then comin' in the booth with me
[01:22.77]'Cause I get a little bit intense I'm like who's next
[01:26.00]Y'all better watch it
[01:27.53]Take a look at where the clock is
[01:28.87]It's my time
[01:30.03]This ladder of music that I've climbed
[01:31.57]I took the machete
[01:32.60]The game wasn't ready
[01:34.67]Them rappers that comin' up on me I cut off the ladder and I told em bye, bye
[01:36.97]What you lookin' for a high five
[01:38.67]Nice try
[01:40.10]Do not believe everything that you read on the internet
[01:42.70]I don't know who your dentist is
[01:44.13]But he should clean out your mouth
[01:45.80]Don't call me a sellout that's somethin' I've never been
[01:47.40]I've been through hell in my though
[01:49.10]But I know where heaven is
[01:51.17]Father, forgive me for I am a sinner but you give me music as medicine, ahhh
[01:53.97]Ain't nobody want a problem when I get in my zone better leave me be
[01:57.77]I'm a mean mc
[01:59.53]Better feed me rappers or feed me beats ahh feed me both of em
[02:01.97]They like nate what's it like to be famous ...
[02:05.00]Um, I'll let you know if I make it
[02:08.47]I wonder would life would be like if I didn't stick up my neck
[02:10.97]$200 Inside of my bank account I was livin' on that
[02:14.87]I need some money to pay for my rent
[02:16.17]I need some money to pay for my gas
[02:18.40]I'm not complainin'
[02:20.03]I'm just been' honest I promise that I will not beg for respect
[02:22.87]I get so frustrated
[02:24.17]Take a look at what I created
[02:25.97]Time is wastin' I ain't waitin'
[02:27.60]I'm a doctor with no job me I don't have no patience
[02:30.53]I keep pacin'
[02:31.50]Back-and-forth I keep racin'
[02:33.17]You ain't never been in my book and I got a problem with it why
[02:34.80]'Cause you actin' like you read my pages
[02:36.67]I wreck these stages
[02:38.07]Real talk better give me space 'cause I am chasin'
[02:40.40]Somethin' they told me that I won't make it ahh I'm not famous I'm just nathan
[02:45.53]And I wonder how the world goin' take this
[02:47.40]They might hate it
[02:49.13]But you know anything about me you know that don't mean I'm changin'
[02:51.47]'Cause you know I'm real with it
[02:52.83]Don't care if you feelin' it I'm feelin' it
[02:54.67]You don't like it then deal with it
[02:55.87]And if god ain't real, real isn't
[02:58.10]Used to wonder why I existed
[02:59.50]I exist in a world that's real different
[03:01.63]And what you goin' be when you grow up nate
[03:03.83]I doubt they will get it
[03:05.67]My life is a mess better watch your step when you step in it
[03:07.73]Some of this brain is off limits
[03:09.13]I'm off in a world you don't get
[03:10.77]'Cause you ain't never been in it
[03:12.90]In ten minutes I still couldn't explain what's inside my brain don't mess with it
[03:15.77]I've invested a lot of me inside these lines I'm just protectin' em
[03:19.17]Everybody wanna hear the real version of life,
[03:21.63]Then don't get so sensitive when I say somethin' a little bit raw
[03:24.53]I jot my thoughts and they called a negative
[03:26.57]You want to know where my heart is
[03:28.13]I stand out because I wear my garbage
[03:29.87]And work my hardest
[03:31.87]And every time I look into the mirror I don't forget about where I started
[03:48.87]Tell me what am I doin' here ...
[03:52.47]Tell me what am I doin' here ...
[03:55.73]Tell me what am I doin'
[04:02.73]Tell me what am I doin' here ...
[04:06.57]I said what am I doin'
[04:10.70]What am I doin' here if I'm not being real
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