Mozzy - Lurkin ft. EST Gee (Official Music Video).en Lyrics (*.LRC)

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Singer: Mozzy | Song: Lurkin ft. EST Gee (Official Music Video).en

Mozzy - Lurkin ft. EST Gee (Official Music Video).en Lyrics (.LRC)

[00:08.11]...yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
[00:11.04]Nah I still don't feel nothin' on my dead brothers
[00:13.65]Dry snitched to his po when he's touched guess he was scared of me
[00:16.65]Qualified to lead us on this ride 'cause I'll kill somethin'
[00:19.49]Homicide runnin' through my mind that's my pill bussin'
[00:22.36]Trauma I experienced back then I ain't heal from it, still thuggin'
[00:26.03]Even though they watchin' I don't see 'em comin', fearin' nothin'
[00:28.93]Loaded out my body in the field huntin'
[00:31.10]On the ground buzzin' know it's up soon as I seen him up it
[00:34.03]Always burn ****** learn when that steel touchin'
[00:36.90]Nah ion think we'll hear anything from ‘em, got to dig up ‘em (got to dig him up)
[00:40.04]'Preciate the bail money
[00:41.58]Know I paid him back soon as I touched just 'cause it felt funny
[00:44.28]Get off yo*****and sell sumffin', promise not to tell nuffin'
[00:47.38]Motorola cell buzzin'
[00:48.78]Lock on anything that pose a threat it ain't no tail tuckin'
[00:51.72]Crop out anything ain't from the set unless he ain't melt sumffin'
[00:54.55]Take him to the spittle ‘fore he bleed out ain't no help bumin'
[00:57.49]Bb simons **** bussin', tweak it wit the amiri drip
[01:00.39]Floaters on the delta rubbin', peakin' through these mirror tints
[01:03.10]They love the way I move to be this bool you need experience
[01:06.20]Act like they gon' squeeze it when they see me **** get berious
[01:09.10]50 For appearances, quarter on the back end
[01:11.84]Don't call me about no chain that ****** took if you ain't tapped in, tapped in
[01:15.11]Yeah, facts is I was still getting' active while I'm rappin'
[01:18.38]Tragic ****** lackin' and they families pick they casket
[01:21.28]Bodies still be happenin' if you want smoke I'm tryna match it
[01:24.18]***** ****** get hit wit this switch turned into ashes
[01:26.92]Like how he go from laughin' to wheezin' and gaspin'
[01:30.02]Traf****in' in traffic turned shooters into trappers
[01:32.96]Fit have you sick tryna cook a brick maskless
[01:38.30]Went down for a thang bailed out and then went down again
[01:41.20]I'm in love with gleekies play wit hecklers every now and then
[01:44.10]Resume impeccable, really put them hours in
[01:46.74]On deezy it get greasy when it's up I'm tryna cheese eem
[01:49.91]Reconstructed facials on the pavement how we leave him
[01:52.68]****** claimin' bodies they ain't 'bout it this **** be tweaky
[01:55.62]****as hit my bruh and I went bonkers for my niecey
[01:58.42]Since she can't get her daddy back, couple of ‘em got whacked for that
[02:01.56]Urius trucks back to back, they know that's the membership
[02:04.46]You ain't did nutin' recently for clique you insignificant
[02:07.29]Urius trucks back to back, they know that's the membership
[02:10.26]You ain't did nutin' recently for clique you insignificant
[02:12.93]We live this ****
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Mozzy - Lurkin ft. EST Gee (Official Music Video).en Lyrics (*.LRC)

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