Moneybagg Yo - Rush Hour Lyrics (*.LRC)

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Singer: Moneybagg Yo | Song: Rush Hour

Moneybagg Yo - Rush Hour Lyrics (.LRC)

[00:03.20]Give me the circle yellow junt, the Chinese, ****** Chan
[00:06.30]She wanna s***d up
[00:07.20]Get her the orange and white junts
[00:08.80]Pop a addy, that's a rush hour (rush hour)
[00:10.60]Chinese girl named Su Yung (Su Yung)
[00:12.20]I just gave her a nut shower (where at?)
[00:14.10]Turn the Yukon to a futon (ugh)
[00:15.70]In the trenches 'fore the show start (where?)
[00:17.50]Face card good, no coupon (trenches)
[00:19.20]These ****** feminine, crying and bleeding
[00:21.10]I need to start selling tampons (*****)
[00:22.90]Shows after shows, money I gross
[00:24.60]Can't help but ball, I was just broke
[00:26.40]Ain't watch no cable, I was outdoors
[00:28.20]Chains Lucky Charms, big pot of gold
[00:30.00]She catch an attitude 'cause I ain't ******* her
[00:31.90]She knew I'm in her city, but I'm ducking her
[00:33.50]I had to bust a move in a scuffler
[00:35.30]I keep a tool, never been a scuffler
[00:37.00]I make these rap dudes get they hustle up (hustle up)
[00:38.90]This a one of one, this a thumbs up
[00:40.90]I left some **** money in a Sun Trust
[00:42.50]Kush musty, arms up
[00:44.30]I got on water, I'm a lil' wavy
[00:46.00]Drippin' like gravy, you so fugazi
[00:47.80]******* Gelato, hitting like AB
[00:49.50]Somebody taze me, feeling lil' lazy
[00:51.40]She keep a ***** on standby (waiting)
[00:53.10]But she treat me like priority (urgent)
[00:54.90]She just pulled up with a gang full of hoes, it's looking like a sorrority (squad)
[00:58.40]Whenever I don't get the jet, I'm Delta, sky priority
[01:01.90]I throw me a set, got the mansion looking just like a **** (****** and *******)
[01:05.50]We taking phones, just in case these hoes try to record me (hol' up, you tweaking)
[01:09.10]How you gon' start something? When you see me, you gon' try to avoid me (you must was geeking)
[01:12.70]I just might take a Perc' and then go turbo
[01:14.40]Turn into Boston George by my peso
[01:16.30]I'm really in the field like a scarecrow
[01:17.90]Put up the old 100's, them the *****s
[01:19.80]Working these pounds, I got me some abs
[01:21.50]I feel like I'm Dexter, stay in the lab
[01:23.30]She cut you off, so she up for grabs
[01:25.00]I gave her a tab and ****** to my ****
[01:26.80]Hitters on go, wanna make you a ghost
[01:28.60]Might get mad at me if I tell 'em no
[01:30.30]Shop at Melrose, I'm on the West Coast
[01:32.10]***** say I look better when she got up close
[01:33.90]All type of **** come with this life, you don't the half (you don't the half)
[01:37.50]I'ma keep ******* this money machine, let's do the math (I'ma stay focused, though)
[01:41.10]Why would I keep it 100 with ******, I only get half (I only get 50)
[01:44.60]I'm so equipped, Cartier's on
[01:46.40]Cleared my path (I can see a lil' better)
[01:48.20]I get legit cash at a fast route (but I just made a serve using Cash App)
[01:51.80]I just might sip syrup, then lash out (you know the whip mine 'cause the tags out. hey!)
[01:55.40]Rocking side to side on a Xan now (damn, let's see how it pan out)
[01:59.40]Juntao, money in a stash house (woah, they can't see the man now, nope)
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Moneybagg Yo - Rush Hour Lyrics (*.LRC)

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