Miguel - Adorn Lyrics (*.LRC)

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Singer: Miguel | Song: Adorn

Miguel - Adorn Lyrics (.LRC)

[00:07.00]I am your subconcious
[00:11.00]Don't be afraid
[00:12.83]I am yours ....
[00:15.93]I am the projector
[00:17.50]...and you the projection.
[00:20.50]and I am always supreme.
[00:23.00](R&B music playing)
[00:23.00]♪ She's art dealer chic ♪
[00:26.33]♪ Would you be my friend, my freak? ♪
[00:28.30]♪ She's art dealer chic ♪
[00:28.30]♪ Yeah ♪
[00:30.97]♪ Would you be my friend, my freak? ♪
[00:33.83]♪ These lips ♪
[00:37.60]♪ Can't wait to taste your skin, baby ♪
[00:43.00]♪ No, no ♪
[00:44.23]♪ And these eyes, yeah ♪
[00:48.00]♪ Can't wait to see your grin ♪
[00:51.43]♪ Ooh, ooh, baby ♪
[00:53.33]♪ Just let my love ♪
[00:58.73]♪ Just let my love adorn you ♪
[01:01.93]♪ Please, baby ♪
[01:04.23]♪ Yeah, you gotta know ♪
[01:07.57]♪ You gotta know ♪
[01:09.67]♪ You know that I adore you ♪
[01:13.10]♪ Yeah, baby ♪
[01:16.47]♪ Baby, these fists, uh ♪
[01:20.27]♪ Will always protect ya, lady ♪
[01:27.03]♪ And this mind ♪
[01:30.70]♪ Ooh, will never ******* you ♪
[01:34.70]♪ Yeah, baby ♪
[01:36.27]♪ Ooh-ooh, ooh ♪
[01:37.70]♪ And as they trying to break us down ♪
[01:41.60]♪ Don't let that affect us ♪
[01:44.97]♪ No, baby ♪
[01:47.73]♪ You just gotta let my love ♪
[01:49.67]♪ Let my love ♪
[01:52.63]♪ Let my love adorn you ♪
[01:55.57]♪ Ah, le-le-le-let it dress you down ♪
[01:59.40]♪ You gotta know, you gotta know ♪
[02:03.50]♪ Know that I adore ya ♪
[02:06.17]♪ Just that, babe ♪
[02:08.77]♪ I... I... ♪
[02:15.43]♪ Oh, oh ♪
[02:17.03]♪ Let my love adorn you, baby ♪
[02:19.33]♪ Don't you ever ♪
[02:21.33]♪ Don't you let nobody tell you different, baby ♪
[02:24.37]♪ I-I'll always adore you ♪
[02:28.43]♪ You gotta know now, you gotta know, know, know ♪
[02:31.90]♪ Now... ♪
[02:35.33]♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh ♪
[02:40.77]♪ Oh, yeah ♪
[02:44.67]♪ The same way that the stars adorn the skies, yeah ♪
[02:48.20]♪ Every night, baby ♪
[02:50.20]♪ Oh, and look up, sugar ♪
[02:51.60]♪ Every night, baby ♪
[02:53.20]♪ Now, hey, hey, hey ♪
[02:55.23]♪ The same way that my whole world's in your eyes ♪
[02:58.63]♪ When I look in your eyes, baby ♪
[03:00.50]♪ Ooh, and it's time now ♪
[03:02.93]♪ Oh, let ♪
[03:05.50]♪ Let my love adorn you, baby ♪
[03:10.67]♪ Hey, le-le-le-let it press you down ♪
[03:13.53]♪ You gotta know, baby ♪
[03:15.57]♪ Oh, you've gotta know ♪
[03:18.50]♪ Know that I adore you, yeah ♪
[03:21.87]♪ Oh, love ain't never looked so good on ya ♪
[03:26.23]♪ Oh, put it on, baby ♪
[03:29.27]♪ Let my love adorn... ♪
[03:33.33](music fades)
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Miguel - Adorn Lyrics (*.LRC)

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