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Singer: Machine Gun Kelly | Song: Alpha Omega

Machine Gun Kelly - Alpha Omega Lyrics (.LRC) Advanced

[00:32.03]Yea (kells)
[00:32.70]I am the alpha, omega
[00:34.07]Black flag *******
[00:35.30]**** a driveway, I'm in airplane hangars
[00:36.67]Me and my gang poppin' champagne like players
[00:38.53]For all of them things with no lights and no cable
[00:40.53]No one can save you, my city fatal
[00:42.47]Make it up out of it, how can they hate you
[00:44.47]*********'s, the greatest
[00:46.33]I like this *****, I make it look like it's vegas
[00:48.30]We on, mother ****** we on
[00:50.20]The first one to blow since bomb
[00:51.70]Thinkin' back when I had a backpack
[00:53.30]Full of fat w****, didn't no one wanna hear my song
[00:55.43]Mother ******, ya'll wrong
[00:56.67]Mother ******, ya'll wrong
[00:58.07]Made it and I never left home
[00:59.57]Where I'm from enemies ******** the shows I can coupe
[01:01.70]Roll through these streets, come up don't ...?
[01:03.73]I'm just a boy in the hood like I'm cuba
[01:05.53]So soon as I moved out I bought me a ruger
[01:07.50]You come to my house, you go loud as a tuba
[01:09.50]I bring your ***** here, she'll go down like a scuba
[01:11.40]All of y'all ***** had a style like a s******
[01:13.40]Put all of y'all ***** in the dish like a sewer
[01:15.27]Make all of y'all bow like my neighbors anubis
[01:17.20]Talk out your medula, get hit with bazookas
[01:19.37]Bah, *****
[01:21.30]I am the alpha, I am the omega
[01:25.60]I am the alpha, I am the omega
[01:29.17]I am the alpha, I am the omega
[01:32.37]Hey, I am the alpha, I am the omega
[01:34.33]Look, if you ain't living your life then you dead
[01:36.60]Asleep with his cousins so I shot my bed
[01:38.50]Paranoia got me using these meds
[01:40.27]Now I'm ******* this ... On a friday like craig
[01:42.27]Retract that statement I'm stoney as fred
[01:44.20]Eva***** when my homies get mad
[01:46.37]You better pray to your god for a blessing
[01:48.17]Before they make your world look like armageddon
[01:50.13]Knew I was trouble since I was eleven
[01:52.07]Ripped up my jeans and I bought me a *******
[01:54.07]My friend saw me as a king like caretta
[01:56.00]My dad saw a son as a nuisance a rebel
[01:57.70]And yea, my music sound like the devil
[01:59.67]Turn that **** off or get out of my temple
[02:01.67]Right after that he go back to his ketel one *****
[02:04.23]And drink it all up til he's mental
[02:05.57]I have no issue, I am official
[02:07.50]Let them come at me, I practice jiu-jitsu
[02:09.50]Only fit two things with three letters dog
[02:11.43]That's g-o-d, god, and my ******* initials
[02:14.43]Doctors called up to the news to report, tell them what they discovered
[02:18.37]Said I'm the first of a species that they call a real mother ******
[02:22.63]And I'm sorry if you get a lot of hits from all my followers
[02:24.33]If you acknowledge us and just in any other way the positive
[02:26.00]But you shouldn't be hollerin' or talkin' about superman
[02:27.67]When you live in a metropolis
[02:29.40]And if you follow astronomy, I'm a taurus
[02:31.17]That means I don't give a **** what you thought of me
[02:32.53]I walk into an interview lookin' like a lobotomy
[02:34.30]Flippin' my middle finger at everybody who watchin' us
[02:37.67]**** **** **** that, bring the beat back
[02:38.60]Kill this instrumental ...
[02:39.67]Leave the body where the reef at
[02:40.77]Na, **** that, where the kief at
[02:42.43]Sprinkle a little bit in the corner of my weed ****
[02:45.33]Give me a minute, I took a hit
[02:46.53]I'm tryna focus, it's like astigmatism
[02:48.03]My competition on my **** be like the zip ...
[02:49.77]They want the heat, I'll line 'em up like a *****ette fillin' you *****
[02:52.63]What's your religion
[02:54.37]I wanna know what god you're seekin' in couple of seconds
[02:55.63]I wanna see the criticism about my lyricism
[02:57.50]When I'm in your *****, rippin' this rhythm up like cannibalism
[02:59.37]It's kells
[03:02.20]I am the alpha, I am the omega
[03:06.13]I am the alpha, I am the omega
[03:09.67]I am the alpha, I am the omega
[03:13.03]Hey, I am the alpha, I am the omega
[03:14.77]I am the alpha, omega
[03:16.17]The **** is you sayin'
[03:17.20]**** is you sayin'
[03:18.23]**** is you sayin'
[03:19.17]I am the alpha, omega
[03:20.13]The **** is you sayin'
[03:21.13]**** is you sayin'
[03:22.00]**** is you sayin'
[03:22.67]I am the alpha, omega
[03:24.00]The **** is you sayin'
[03:25.23]P.s. You watch it, you better quit playin'
[03:27.00]Let's go to war if you mention my name
[03:28.57]I'm the alpha, omega
[03:29.57]Beginning and end
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Machine Gun Kelly - Alpha Omega Lyrics advanced (*.LRC)

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