Mac Miller - Inertia Lyrics (*.LRC)

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Singer: Mac Miller | Song: Inertia

Mac Miller - Inertia Lyrics (.LRC)

[01:54.40]I been a god way before synagogue
[01:56.80]Liquor drops used to hit the spot like a cinderblock
[01:59.80]This is not what you wanted but this is what you got
[02:02.90]You live with what you got
[02:04.00]Elixir that I'm mixing like I'm in the kitchen whipping rock
[02:06.60]I'm in the spot like the middle of a prison box
[02:09.10]And you ain't nothing to the planet but a little dot
[02:11.50]Suddenly hit the water like the line that's on a fishing rod
[02:14.10]Simple thoughts got me itching like the *****en pox
[02:16.50]Knitted socks, with fingers tryna scratch a ***** ticket off
[02:19.20]When I made it I was getting all the ******* off
[02:21.60]See I was faded, now I'm counting up the minutes lost
[02:24.10]I throw 'em back like opponents hit a homer
[02:26.40]My mind, it holds explosion like a pose that's on a poster
[02:28.90]I'm out the holster with it
[02:30.40]I overdid it like the way the rollercoaster spinning
[02:32.80]Homie, that's inertia
[02:34.20]I'm the moon to the sun how I birthed ya
[02:36.60]Turn ya, back to ya old ways, reverse ya
[02:39.00]Curse ya, witchcraft
[02:40.30]You get nothing but a whole lot of nothing
[02:42.40]With your ***********' ***** ass
[02:44.00]You simple as a whistle, never pick a side
[02:46.20]****, you always in the middle, never down to ride
[02:49.10]I was high like I'm born to fly
[02:51.20]I never die, I'm immortalized
[02:52.80]Here before ya eyes
[02:54.10]Lord of the flyest, I is your highness
[02:56.50]And no diamond when it shine ultraviolet
[02:59.10]You on your bull****, I'm on assignment
[03:01.50]And I be on it like a stylus on a PalmPilot
[03:04.20]I'm God's finest work, this way beyond timeless
[03:06.60]Copped the new presidential Rollie, keep the watch silent
[03:09.10]'Cause everybody ticking me off
[03:11.10]I got the world with her legs open, ******* the box, ****
[03:14.10]She home wet, sweatin' me for phone****
[03:16.60]Don't stress, daddy'll be home soon
[03:18.60]And assume I'm down low with the post moves
[03:20.90]I come through and hit the***** like Jones Drew, yeah
[03:25.30]My old ***** is old news
[03:26.40]But add fuel to fire, what I won't do
[03:28.50]So, I just kick it with the homies like I'm supposed to
[03:31.60]And we go back like old hoops
[03:33.40]Well, this the cold cold feeling
[03:34.80]Bone chillin', borderline **** dealing
[03:36.60]I'm going up with no ceiling, ****
[03:39.70]Out of body, got my soul swimming
[03:41.70]And no different, good head keep my toes twitching
[03:44.20]You know Larry been fishing since he in the womb
[03:46.60]This the scoop up the Big Dipper, you the little s****
[03:49.90]Went from invisible to minuscule
[03:51.70]To invincible, dancing with the business moves
[03:54.00]I made a million and it killed me
[03:56.10]My second million got me ************ ******
[03:58.40]You ain't nothing till you die and come back to life iller
[04:01.40]They haven't made a *********** realer, Mr. Miller, yeah
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Mac Miller - Inertia Lyrics (*.LRC)

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