Logic - YSIV Freestyle Lyrics (*.LRC)

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Singer: Logic | Song: YSIV Freestyle

Logic - YSIV Freestyle Lyrics (.LRC)

[00:00.00]by RentAnAdviser.com
[00:14.80]Yeah, yeah
[00:16.20]Yeah, yeah
[00:17.20]They say they want the old Logic
[00:18.40]The one that flow like a faucet
[00:19.80]I'm still the same me
[00:20.60]They just don't believe it like they agnostic
[00:22.40]If I spit over the boom bap they perceive it as nostalgic
[00:24.70]But the truth is my subject matter is still the same
[00:27.20]Production selection is still flame
[00:28.90]But they love you on the come-up 'cause you ain't ******* by fame
[00:31.40]And you still they little secret
[00:32.60]That's the type of bull**** that they frequent
[00:34.40]From 19 to 2019, been murdering this **** for a decade
[00:37.60]From the boom bap to the trap, let my style cascade
[00:39.90]Listen, listen, yeah
[00:41.50]What's the dealy? Pass the Philly
[00:42.90]Get silly, that's on the really
[00:43.90]We snappin' like Uma Thurman in Kill Bill, I'm talking Achilles
[00:46.60]Try to play me like I ain't me but I provided all the deets
[00:48.80]Who you know worth $50 million still ******* on breakbeats?
[00:51.30]From Nasty Nas, Big L, Tribe, the Roots, and many more
[00:53.80]Of course, we could never forget Biggie and Young Shakur
[00:56.20]**** the police
[00:57.00]No, we ain't ******* with our pastor
[00:58.60]I'm the ******* that mastered the flow, said it once before for sure
[01:01.30]While 6ix produce hits from the soul, you already know
[01:03.50]Visualising and realising my life is ******* crazy
[01:06.00]Poppin' like Jay-Z
[01:06.90]Dirty dancing on the game like Swayze
[01:08.70]I'm one of the illest, and *****, I've been ready to kill this, it's so amazing
[01:11.00]*****, I've been blazing, I'm talking grass, I ain't talking grazing
[01:13.50]Latest **** the tape while I sip scotch
[01:15.40]Let the haters kick rocks
[01:16.60]My flow is tip-top; I never flip flop, why?
[01:19.10]'Cause my soul too strong
[01:20.30]Did this all on my own 'cause waiting took too long
[01:22.70]The flow sophisticated
[01:23.80]All these youngins do is whine like they inebriated
[01:26.20]I'm hated, but yeah, that's how you know I made it
[01:28.10]I'm one of the illest, I'm one of the realest
[01:29.40]I'm ready to kill this 'til people they feel this
[01:30.80]Me and my team made millions but you know we still us
[01:33.00]Yeah, they wanna kill us but they all feel us
[01:35.30]RattPack real all the time, we never phony
[01:37.40]I'm single-handedly running the game like a Sony
[01:39.80]While the rest of these rappers is acting
[01:41.60]Pass 'em the Tony, pass 'em the Oscar
[01:43.40]From the new school rappers, Logic's the illest on the roster
[01:46.00]Smoke like a rasta
[01:46.90]Black and white like Bob Marley, yeah, like Bob Marley
[01:49.90]These ****** ************s hate that last line
[01:51.90]Probably haters on the internet ain't got nothing to bargain
[01:54.60]Said I'd never make it, *****, I just sold out the Garden
[01:59.80]Young Sinatra 4, the album
[02:02.70]September 28th
[02:04.60]Bringing that boom bap back for the RattPack
[02:08.10]by RentAnAdviser.com
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Logic - YSIV Freestyle Lyrics (*.LRC)

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