Lil Wayne - YM Inkredible (Visualizer) ft. Thugga, Raw Dizzy, Flow Lyrics (*.LRC)

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Singer: Lil Wayne | Song: YM Inkredible (Visualizer) ft. Thugga, Raw Dizzy, Flow

Lil Wayne - YM Inkredible (Visualizer) ft. Thugga, Raw Dizzy, Flow Lyrics (.LRC)

[00:13.40]I pop some Percocets
[00:14.70]Then I pop some Xanax
[00:16.30]Sitting back *****ped, ****ed
[00:18.10]Plotting on your man next
[00:19.50]Jack a ***** for his work
[00:21.10]Then stretch it like some Spandex
[00:22.70]He hesitate, I spray and leave him
[00:25.40]Like a Tampex – oops, I meant a Tampax
[00:27.70]*****, I keep that anthrax
[00:29.50]I can get your man wacked for a couple tan packs
[00:32.70]Shoot off your Sedan Lac
[00:34.30]*****, I demand stacks
[00:36.00]I ain't playing black
[00:37.80]*****, I be spraying Macks
[00:39.50]All type of guns with accessories
[00:42.20]I'm like Cosby for the bills
[00:43.80]I need mills like Stephanie
[00:45.30]***** ****** can't stand next to me
[00:47.80]I've got **** and *******
[00:49.70]Keep em floating like both of the levees breached
[00:52.30]Eighties baby but my soul from the seventies
[00:56.00]Worldwide game like a traveled the seven seas
[00:59.30]****** ain't OG, scary lil *****, please
[01:02.60]Put your ***** in the pan, Friskies
[01:05.20]I got ten up on my pinky ring and twenty on my bracelet
[01:08.70]Now these ****** kissing ass, but they can't say ****
[01:12.10]I'm just here to separate
[01:13.90]The real from the fake ****
[01:15.40]I told you, I was coming in
[01:17.00]I'm sorry for the wait
[01:18.20]I gotta get this money man
[01:20.30]It's right here in my face
[01:21.50]I got the Devil on my back
[01:23.10]I don't wanna be up in that place
[01:24.70]My grand****tell me to be safe
[01:26.30]I just keep running in these streets
[01:27.90]I can't stop ******* with these hoes
[01:29.60]When I say I'm just doing me
[01:31.20]*****, I'm a Ninth Ward *****
[01:33.00]Mason street, D & G
[01:34.50]That Florida right by the D
[01:36.20]Need to free my ***** B
[01:37.90]I ain't the type of person to be
[01:39.90]Running from no beef, those ******* guns
[01:42.00]Are gonna be bursting, knock somebody
[01:43.30]Off their feet
[01:44.50]So watch your ******* mouth
[01:46.20]Before you end up on that floor and stop
[01:48.20]Acting like you're hard cause
[01:50.00]You know you've been a ho
[01:51.30]I told you out the gate I'm not the fake
[01:53.50]I gotta say, please excuse
[01:55.30]Almost forgot man, I'm Raw Dizzy by the way
[01:57.70]Money over *******, ***** I'm coming for the check
[02:00.90]Vampire living, ***** I'm coming for your neck
[02:04.20]Raw, I'm sharp, my swagger like an X
[02:07.80]I'm a ************* monster, I rap like I'm possessed
[02:11.00]Call me Mr. Still *******, smoke it in a paper
[02:14.30]The game is a *****, hold that down and***** her
[02:17.00]Yes I am a Blood but I be riding with my skaters
[02:20.80]We probably ******* flavors bumping Tyler the Creator
[02:24.10]I'm an Eastside native, all my ****** Soo Woop'n
[02:27.30]They went brazy when they heard I had a song with Lil Tunechi
[02:30.60]*****, get some ice and pour my Sprite
[02:32.10]And light my bong and my doobies
[02:33.80]**** your producer, I'm the one who be
[02:35.80]Producing my music
[02:36.90]I'm a hippie surrounded by a lot of pot
[02:40.60]**** the semi
[02:42.10]Drop you like an Otterbox
[02:44.20]They sleeping on me like I'm ******* with a blanket
[02:47.00]Kill a *****, have him thinking that he planking
[02:54.30]All-red plaid shirt, skinny*****jeans on
[02:57.40]Them goons at your front door, choppers out: ding dong
[03:00.90]Didn't I change the game and put my ************* team on
[03:03.90]Now let my chopper ring, blaka is my ringtone
[03:07.10]**** you ho-ass ******, I get money and get over hoes
[03:10.00]We hold court with them heaters, pop case open/closed
[03:13.80]Looking for a ***** to hop up on my totem pole
[03:17.10]And my blunt be stupid-fat, double-stuffed Oreos
[03:20.30]I get loaded til I ************* overload
[03:23.50]Been *******, flows still tight like aerobic's clothes
[03:27.00]Ask them *******, I told em hoes
[03:30.20]They back it up like Sonny drive in Bronx Tale, Calogero
[03:33.40]Lighter in my pocket, light the sky rocket
[03:36.50]Pull them hammers out and run them *****'s like stockings
[03:39.80]Got some ****** from my city
[03:41.60]Thugga, Dizzy, Flow
[03:43.50]Sorry for the Wait, coming soon, Carter IV, beyotch
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Lil Wayne - YM Inkredible (Visualizer) ft. Thugga, Raw Dizzy, Flow Lyrics (*.LRC)

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