Lil Wayne - Rax (Visualizer) Lyrics (*.LRC)

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Singer: Lil Wayne | Song: Rax (Visualizer)

Lil Wayne - Rax (Visualizer) Lyrics (.LRC)

[00:03.00]I can't **** with ho ******, I can't trust these hoes neither
[00:06.80]Wake up early in the mornin', eat that ***** like cold pizza
[00:10.10]Hatin'********** be baller blockin', actin' like some goalkeepers
[00:13.40]There's a reason for everything, but my ****** kill for no reason
[00:16.80]Camo shorts with a ho-beater, all- black hoodie, I'm Grim Reaper
[00:20.20]Look like it's time for spring cleanin', brand-new spankin' street sweeper
[00:23.70]Been in the game, I'm knee-deep, I like good head, I like good reefer
[00:27.20]All my ****** *****ped and ready to set it off: Queen Latifah
[00:30.60]Got a chopper with a drum, split Swishers with my thumb
[00:33.50]Get money like Donald Trump, double-barrel on that pump
[00:37.10]This kush I got ain't no chump, get stupid and get stomped
[00:40.50]Two guns, I call 'em Kris Kross, Kris Kross'll make you jump
[00:44.00]Gotta do what a ***** gotta do, got goons, I ain't even gotta shoot
[00:47.40]Got a bunch of bad ******* by the pool, I like my ******* in twos
[00:50.80]Gotta go, I stick it and move, G-code, I stick to the rules
[00:54.20]Last night I got so high I swear to God I went to the moon
[00:57.70]I'm on that **** you can't get nowhere, you ***** boy, don't go there
[01:01.20]If I don't do nothin' I'ma ball; no hair
[01:04.80]Smokin' on that "Oh yeah," my ****** tote that hardware
[01:08.20]What you 'bout, whoadie? My ****** 'bout that warfare
[01:11.60]Real ***** since day one, 'cause I ain't promised day two
[01:15.00]Throw that ***** at me, *****, I think I'm Babe Ruth
[01:18.50]Drop top Maybach on the way, yeah, that's that new Landaulet
[01:22.10]She let me into her jungle, I'm gonna hit her with that rattlesnake
[01:25.30]Guns clap like patty-cake, Blood gang red bandana face
[01:28.80]Make them ******* pop they self, you can call that **********
[01:32.20]I don't front, don't fabricate, I get high, I gravitate
[01:35.60]Weezy F. Baby, *****, the "F" is for Fascinate
[01:39.10]Louisiana, I'm from that swamp, I'ma pull this ***** out and dump
[01:42.30]Better run like Forrest Gump, **** you and where you from
[01:45.70]Three, two, I am the one, job well done
[01:49.20]I ball 24/7, 3-6-5, twelve months
[01:52.70]What's up Redbone? What's up Caramel?
[01:56.60]Come to Wayne's World, it's a fairy tale
[01:59.90]Yeah, I'm high, *****; *****, I parasail
[02:03.20]Carter 4 is late, sorry for the wait
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Lil Wayne - Rax (Visualizer) Lyrics (*.LRC)

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