Lil Wayne - MegaMan (Visualizer) Lyrics (*.LRC)

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Singer: Lil Wayne | Song: MegaMan (Visualizer)

Lil Wayne - MegaMan (Visualizer) Lyrics (.LRC)

[00:04.30]Faded off the kush, I'm gone
[00:06.10]Only two years old when daddy used to bring them ******s home
[00:09.30]Looking like my grandma, my ****** got that ammo
[00:12.30]We jack-son and then light up the L, Samuel
[00:15.40]Tunechi in this *****, *****, y'all ****** ***** ******
[00:18.70]Rats gon' rat, and snakes gon' hiss, *****
[00:21.70]Baseball rich *****, do this **** for all my homies
[00:24.90]Where them bad ******* at? Come and put that ***** on me
[00:28.00]Tunechi, you a murderer, boy, you just be ******* ****
[00:30.90]Yeah, you know that money talk, I am the ventriloquist
[00:34.20]Tranquilizer in the trunk, put your*****to sleep, man
[00:37.30]Birdman Junior, got the world in my wingspan
[00:40.30]How you ****** want it? Have it your way, Burger King
[00:43.40]I get deep in that *****, dig her out, surgery
[00:46.50]******* with a real *****, ******* right, certainly
[00:49.60]Break in your ******* home, take your life, burglary
[00:52.60]Whoa, *****, die slow, *****
[00:55.20]For dear life you're holding on, En Vogue, *****
[00:58.30]Unload, *****, reload, *****
[01:01.30]Tools on deck, Home Depot, *****
[01:04.50]Well, if life is a *****, then mine a gold digger
[01:07.60]Yeah, and all my ******* nasty like a cold dinner
[01:10.80]Everyday, I go so hard and work my*****off
[01:14.00]I'm good, I'm 100 like a fastball
[01:17.30]It's Carter IV
[01:27.40]I'm going back in, man
[01:30.10]We get **** y'all money, how you wanna play it?
[01:33.30]That AK sleep on the side of my bed
[01:36.00]That's one eye closed, one eye open
[01:39.30]Your cap get ***led like ibuprofen
[01:42.30]I'm sick, I'm ill, I ain't the ***** to **** with
[01:45.60]It's a crazy world, and life is shorter than Bushwick
[01:48.90]Young Money, man, we got this **** by a land slide
[01:51.90]Boy, I send them Bloods at your*****like a tampon
[01:55.10]Uptown ****, wet the whole party
[01:58.10]Weezy gon' ball, bal' like Steve Harvey
[02:01.20]The heater I'ma tuck her, Tuck-er like De-lores
[02:04.50]That's my word, word like the-saurus
[02:07.60]I don't see no future in your fronting, I be stunting hard
[02:10.80]Rap game dependent on me like a ****ee cord
[02:13.90]Fear nobody, but God almighty
[02:16.80]Shoot that ************ till I get arthritis
[02:19.70]I'm a beast, I'm a ass, I'm ahead of my class
[02:23.10]I'm a diamond in the rough like a baby in the trash
[02:26.10]I don't talk it, I live it, I paint a picture *****
[02:29.30]And them pistols popping like they sitting in a skillet
[02:32.40]I go so hard, go so mean, I'm so New Orleans
[02:35.50]Told the judge I couldn't budge, it was him or me
[02:38.80]Forget the bull**** and remember me
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Lil Wayne - MegaMan (Visualizer) Lyrics (*.LRC)

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