Lil Wayne - A Milli (Official Music Video) Lyrics (*.LRC)

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Singer: Lil Wayne | Song: A Milli (Official Music Video)

Lil Wayne - A Milli (Official Music Video) Lyrics (.LRC)

[00:02.87]- For real though, why they got a bow on it?
[00:04.74]Who is this for?
[00:07.01]'Cause I don't know who it's for.
[00:10.14]Wayne, wayne, wayne, wayne.
[00:13.41]- That's me, that's me.
[00:15.98]- How're you feeling?
[00:18.82]That's you!
[00:31.40]Young money
[00:38.04]You dig
[00:42.21]Mack, I'm going in
[00:44.91]A millionaire, I'm a young money millionaire
[00:48.45]Tougher than nigerian hair
[00:50.62]My criteria compared to your career just isn't fair
[00:53.85]I'm a venereal disease, like a ********* bleed
[00:57.06]Through the pencil
[00:58.62]And leak on the sheet of the tablet in my mind
[01:00.86]'Cause I don't write ****, 'cause I ain't got time
[01:03.26]'Cause my seconds, minutes, hours go
[01:05.16]To the almighty dollar
[01:06.67]And the almighty power of that ch-cha-cha-chopper
[01:09.54]Sister, brother, son, daughter
[01:11.20]Father, mother-**** a copper
[01:12.77]Got the maserati dancin' on the bridge, ***** poppin'
[01:15.88]Tell the coppers, ha-ha-ha-ha
[01:17.51]You can't catch him, you can't stop him
[01:19.25]I go by them goon rules
[01:20.68]If you can't beat 'em, then you pop 'em
[01:22.38]You can't man 'em, then you mop 'em
[01:23.95]You can't stand 'em, then you drop 'em
[01:25.69]You pop 'em 'cause we pop 'em like orville redenbacher
[01:31.46]************ I'm ill
[01:35.33]A million here, a million there
[01:37.60]Sicilian ***** with long hair
[01:39.50]With coke in her derriere
[01:41.27]Like ******* the thinnest air
[01:42.77]I open the lamborghini, hopin' them *******s see me
[01:46.04]Like, look at that ******* weezy
[01:47.74]He's a beast, he's a dog
[01:49.21]He's a ***********' problem
[01:51.01]Okay, you're a goon, but what's a goon to a goblin?
[01:54.28]Nothin', nothin', you ain't scarin' nothin'
[01:57.35]On some ****** bull****: call 'em dennis rodman
[02:00.52]Call me what you want, *****
[02:02.19]Call me on my sidekick
[02:03.52]Never answer when it's private
[02:05.36]Damn, I hate a shy *****
[02:06.96]Don't you hate a shy *****
[02:08.40]Yeah, I ate a shy *****
[02:10.16]She ain't shy no more
[02:11.46]She changed her name to my *****
[02:14.50]Yeah, *****, that's my ***** so when she ask
[02:16.97]For the money when you through, don't be surprised, *****
[02:20.71]And it ain't trickin' if you got it
[02:22.81]But you like a ***** with no ass: you ain't got ****
[02:26.28]************, I'm ill, not sick
[02:29.45]And I'm okay, but my watch sick, yeah, my drop sick
[02:34.19]Yeah, my glock sick, and my knot thick, I'm it
[02:40.49]************, I'm ill
[02:43.90]See, they say I'm rappin' like b.i.g., Jay, and 2pac
[02:47.13]Andre 3000, where is erykah badu at, who that
[02:51.24]Who that said they gon' beat lil wayne
[02:54.31]My name ain't bic, but I keep that flame, man
[02:57.61]Who that one that do that, boy
[02:59.01]You knew that true that, swallow
[03:00.68]And I be the ****, now you got loose bowels
[03:04.48]I don't owe you like two vowels
[03:07.45]But I would like for you to pay me by the hour
[03:11.62]And I'd rather be pushin' flowers
[03:13.99]Then to be in the pen sharin' showers
[03:17.26]Tony told us this world was ours
[03:19.33]And the bible told us every girl was sour
[03:21.90]Don't play in her garden and don't smell her flower
[03:25.14]Call me mr. Carter or mr. Lawn mower
[03:28.31]Boy, I got so many *******, like I'm mike lowrey
[03:31.38]Even gwen stefani said she couldn't doubt me
[03:34.48]************, I say, life ain't **** without me
[03:37.75]Chrome lips pokin' out the coupe, look like it's poutin'
[03:40.79]I do what I do, and you do what you can do about it
[03:44.16]*****, I can turn a crack rock into a mountain, dare me
[03:48.03]Don't you compare me, 'cause there ain't nobody near me
[03:50.83]They don't see me but they hear me
[03:52.36]They don't feel me but they fear me
[03:54.13]I'm illy, c3, 3 peat
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Lil Wayne - A Milli (Official Music Video) Lyrics (*.LRC)

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