Lil Durk - Headtaps (Official Audio) Lyrics (*.LRC)

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Singer: Lil Durk | Song: Headtaps (Official Audio)

Lil Durk - Headtaps (Official Audio) Lyrics (.LRC)

[00:12.00]Sister went on a date for the first time and I'm still **********
[00:15.00]Used to talk to you before you had died, made me a lil' soft
[00:17.90]I still cry to my mama like a lil' baby, but I'm a big dog
[00:20.90]Hundred fifty mill' when I'm fifty- five and that **** big, y'all
[00:24.10]I grew my dreads back, my head back
[00:26.30]Twenty M's, I had that
[00:27.70]Run up on 'em, hеad tap, head lap
[00:30.00]Feds tap
[00:30.80]Alexandеr McQueen scarf for the head wrap
[00:33.00]Head t****
[00:34.10]Uploading your gun, that **** on fed apps
[00:36.00]Used to serve my uncle in my grandma ba*****t, that was her head child
[00:39.10]Fought myself for all the **** I told him 'cause he dead now
[00:42.00]I was in a bad train of thought when I had my last child
[00:45.10]Tried to give him a chance, but he backdoored on me, man, he grass now
[00:48.50]You ever been evicted? (Head tap)
[00:50.90]You ever been addicted? Oh, oh
[00:54.30]Your homie be your witness
[00:57.20]Told my mama that I'm gifted, oh, oh
[01:00.70]I feel better rich
[01:02.90]I'm in the cell thinkin' 'bout my kid like, "I could be with them watchin' Peppa Pig"
[01:07.00]Bein' bold that he told some **** I never did
[01:09.70]For the fact he s***** you for some money make him the bigger *****
[01:12.60]I done started from the bottom, now I'm rich
[01:15.50]Take these ****s for all of my problems, now I'm sick
[01:18.60]Feel like I go through karma, **** I did
[01:21.80]I remember ridin' Hondas, I'm the ****
[01:24.50]And I watch out for my dog 'cause my conscience sick
[01:28.00]Watch out for my dog, cautious
[01:30.80]And he hurt my conscience, he unresponsive
[01:34.20]He hurt my conscience, he unresponsive
[01:36.90]I got a couple watches cost more than some ******' houses
[01:39.60]I stayed at houses where my first pets was bug and mouses
[01:42.70]I stayed at houses where it was full, we turned our beds to couches
[01:45.70]I stayed at house with a silver s****, that **** had turned 'em coward
[01:48.80]I miss the old days, I miss my old ways
[01:50.30]I miss the time where you put an X pill in the OJ
[01:54.60]Remember the time my cousin died and I'm like, "No way"
[01:57.70]Old head told me three hundred a show, I'm like "What O say?"
[02:02.90]What O say?
[02:05.00]Lost my cousin, that's not okay
[02:07.70]Lost my brother, that's not okay
[02:10.80]Miss my dog and that's not okay
[02:13.80]I done started from the bottom
[02:15.50]This what lil' shawty just came up with today, look
[02:17.80]I go by the mood
[02:19.10]Know what I'm sayin'? My mood gotta be there
[02:20.90]Like, if my brothers in the studio and they ain't noddin' they head, I erase it, know what I'm sayin'?
[02:25.50]'Cause I'm talkin' 'bout them, so they gotta feel it, know what I'm sayin'?
[02:27.70]If I'm talkin' 'bout you and you feel it, I know the world gon' feel it, know what I'm sayin'?
[02:32.40]That **** make me different, know what I'm sayin'?
[02:34.00]The Voice
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Lil Durk - Headtaps (Official Audio) Lyrics (*.LRC)

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