Kodak Black - Omega (Official Audio) Lyrics (*.LRC)

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Singer: Kodak Black | Song: Omega (Official Audio)

Kodak Black - Omega (Official Audio) Lyrics (.LRC)

[00:00.00]by RentAnAdviser.com
[00:25.30]Got my education in prison
[00:28.60]Got my education, like, from the trenches, from the
[00:31.30]From the block, I'm sayin'
[00:33.90]Being involved and all that, yeah
[00:38.10]I got my education in prison, but I can't go to college
[00:41.00]I run with all the older boys, but I don't pay no homage
[00:44.00]I can't forget this **** I did, I hope it don't come and haunt me
[00:47.20]'Cause if I die I'll probably fry and I don't wanna be no omelette
[00:50.40]I see the reaper when I lay down, I'm sleepin' when I'm walkin'
[00:53.50]Nightmares be comin' easy, sweet dreams don't come too often
[00:56.70]I remember, **** the other day
[00:59.40]I remember I was talkin' to my shawty, I say
[01:02.90]"I don't remember gettin' your mama pregnant, but you came from my loins
[01:06.30]I can't even bring you to Chuck-E- Cheese, she be takin' my coin"
[01:09.60]She be puttin' them people in my face, she say I don't be supporting
[01:12.40]I was masked up, runnin' in Verizon and T-Mobile stores
[01:15.60]'Cause all of my homeboys were robbin' and wanting me to join
[01:18.70]Now I be thinkin' 'bout catching bodies when I be gettin' borin'
[01:21.90]I was stealin' cars and I ain't know why when I got my own foreign
[01:25.00]I be thuggin' hard and I don't know why when all of my ****** be goin'
[01:28.40]If I was in the state, I might be straight, I woulda had at least supporting
[01:31.40]But now I'm dead, I'm in the feds, then people got no remorse
[01:34.50]The judge be givin' me this look, but he don't think I'm gorgeous
[01:37.70]He gon' try to hit me with the book, but he don't know my story
[01:40.80]**** been gettin' weird lately, I just play my part
[01:44.00]Slidin' in a demon with some demons, tryna catch a corpse
[01:47.30]This ain't a 550
[01:49.90]In the middle of Valentine, I had another ***** here
[01:52.90]I been tryna stop the Perkies, but it ain't workin'
[01:56.10]I don't need nobody ridin' with me
[01:58.50]I was thinkin' 'bout the hood, my mama say, "Don't go there"
[02:02.70]If it don't go my way, this relationship ain't goin' nowhere
[02:05.60]I be standin' on the *****, she say I'm too controllin'
[02:12.40]I be standin' on the *****, she say I'm too controllin'
[02:15.80]Standing on ******, I be steppin' on them
[02:18.90]I ain't comin' home until they fix that AC
[02:22.10]I been on the road breakin' in vehicles lately
[02:24.90]You got murder for hire? I need a job on the spot
[02:28.60]Ayo, pass me a lighter, I'm tryna smoke me a opp
[02:31.90]That's a Rollie Sky-Dweller, a fly lil' fella, you are
[02:34.80]Follow up with Berettas, I send some shells through your car
[02:38.10]I'm back in that mode, back on that business
[02:41.00]I tell 'em go and crash at the show and book a ticket
[02:43.70]I'ma be the one and they know, the one that's killin'
[02:47.10]I keep tryna look for a drop, to get 'em dropped
[02:50.20]Better make it count on this mission, 'cause slippers count
[02:53.30]So what you finna do if he slippin'? Get a mop
[02:57.80]**** you thought? Know I'm sayin'
[03:02.00]**** you mean, "What I'ma do when I see 'em"?
[03:07.60]by RentAnAdviser.com
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Kodak Black - Omega (Official Audio) Lyrics (*.LRC)

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