King Von - Where I'm From (Official Lyric Video) Lyrics (*.LRC)

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Singer: King Von | Song: Where I'm From (Official Lyric Video)

King Von - Where I'm From (Official Lyric Video) Lyrics (.LRC)

[00:12.50]I grew up with all my ****** (All my ******), in them buildings
[00:16.20]Low income, roaches on ceilings (Roaches on ceilings), man, y'all don't get it
[00:19.60]But I had a dollar, we was at the store (We was at the store), folks gettin' fifty
[00:22.90]We was so close when we was dead broke, now I got a million, *****, I'ma split it
[00:26.30]They say, "Von, why you trippin'?" *****, watch out, mind your business
[00:29.70]I done lost ******, all I got is pictures, I don't give no ****, I don't got no feelings
[00:33.20]I was seventeen locked up in the cell, got word they just killed O
[00:36.60]I was confused, O was the G. O.A.T, how they killed him and he stay with his pole?
[00:39.80]Now I'm just doin' my time, can't get bro out my mind, I'm goin' crazy
[00:43.20]I called Sheroid one time 'cause I saw the news and somebody ain't make it
[00:46.60]Can't be us, they mistaken, I asked folks, his voice shakin'
[00:49.90]He switched the subject, tried to change it
[00:51.70]But I'm not slow, you can't game me
[00:53.30]I'm like, "Who?", he like, "*****, what?"
[00:55.40]I'm like, "Who got shot?", he like, "****"
[00:57.50]I'm like, "*****, what?", he said that's our boy J.R
[01:00.00]My heart stopped and I'm confused 'cause J.R, he a leader
[01:03.10]How the **** you gon' die on us, *****? O just died, we need you
[01:06.90]Now I'm on the overtired on the deck with ****** I don't even know
[01:10.20]And *****, I over cried, I can't lie, I'm a gangster but that **** hurt
[01:13.50]J Money was in there with me too, we was sick but we ain't had a flu
[01:16.90]We was jammed up, ain't **** we could do
[01:18.60]Didn't beat his case, J Money actin' a fool
[01:20.20]Now I'm in boot camp by now, I'm comin' home at the right time
[01:23.50]Sosa goin' crazy, got the city on lock now
[01:25.40]O'Block, *****, we*****now
[01:26.80]I get out on house arrest, first ***** I call was Duke
[01:29.70]He said, "****, what you on?", I said, "****, *****, what's new?"
[01:33.20]He said, "****, *****, it's you"
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King Von - Where I'm From (Official Lyric Video) Lyrics (*.LRC)

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