King Lil Jay - First Day Clout Lyrics (*.LRC)

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Singer: King Lil Jay | Song: First Day Clout

King Lil Jay - First Day Clout Lyrics (.LRC)

[00:12.40]The last ***** disrespected Tooka*****got smoked
[00:15.50]I put a 64 in two backwoods, you know it's Von what I blow
[00:18.70]I can't go out like T. Roy, I won't die in no sto'
[00:21.90]***** run up on me, I swear I'ma blow, opposition, they mad they freed Double 0
[00:25.20]I'm back on my ****, all you haters sick
[00:26.80]30 in the b****, you know that's for Brick
[00:28.30]Yo'*****can die for claiming that ****
[00:29.90]If you wanna live, watch who you hang with
[00:31.60]I be with them steppers, they catch all the murders up in Chiraq that send over ****
[00:34.90]RIP Troub, they just beat their body and shorty had snitched but it ain't stick
[00:37.30]****** tried to ****** rumors on Double 0, I don't know why
[00:41.40]They said I snitched, thеy said I'm gay, them both is a lie, put that on KI
[00:44.60]I swear that ****** had a lot to say whеn I was inside, now them ****** quiet
[00:47.80]I'm WTO, if you ain't with me, you against me and yo'*****can die (TO)
[00:51.10]This is my first day out, I'm Clout Lord so this is my first day clout
[00:54.70]Why them goofies tryna put dirt on my name? Now they quiet, they just shut their mouth
[00:58.10]I'm back and I'm taking my crown as the king of Chiraq
[01:00.00]I keep more shots than ounce
[01:01.40]They said I flipped, how that sound?
[01:02.90]Shorty snitched and moved outta town
[01:04.40]Here go that black and white, gave statement and plea agreements
[01:06.10]That **** ***** told, I had to fight for my life
[01:08.40]He put the case on my momma, on Duck, I wouldn't lie
[01:10.80]Free Shinda, she get out in 2025
[01:12.50]Chucky be steppin', he be by my side
[01:14.10]I be remembrin' that many ****** died
[01:15.70]Yeah, I rap but I'm finna slide
[01:17.10]Rich what I'm finna be
[01:18.10]If you left me for dead when I was at my lowest, keep that same energy
[01:21.20]My way social distancing is putting ****** 6 feet deep
[01:23.80]Smokin' Edai out the P, I'm 063 'til I D-I-E (Let's get it)
[01:26.30]Do a hit in thousand dollars sneakers so you can get beat like Lil Reese
[01:30.20]****** talkin' out the side of their necks disrespectin' Duck (RIP Duck)
[01:33.90]Just like Dthang, you can get caught
[01:35.30]Have lil foenem come line you up
[01:36.80]Bogus kids *****rate ******* bro, got they*****locked up
[01:39.80]The difference between them and us, my ****** would kept their mouth shut (Snitch)
[01:43.00]A lotta foenem die when I was booked, I hope they RIP
[01:46.00]That couldn't been me up in that mall, goofy woulda got beat
[01:49.40]RIP Lil B, he the reason that I tote the XD (Boom)
[01:52.20]Double 0, I'm back, takin' the streets
[01:54.00]Yeah, the Chiraq Wolverine
[01:55.60]Double 0, let's get it, let's get it
[01:57.80]Chiraq Wolverine (Huh, gang, huh, let's get it)
[02:00.90]Chiraq Wolverine (Let's get it, huh huh)
[02:04.30]Chiraq Wolverine (Let's get it, gang)
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King Lil Jay - First Day Clout Lyrics (*.LRC)

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