King Lil Jay - Bars Of Clout 3 (Official Video) Lyrics (*.LRC)

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Singer: King Lil Jay | Song: Bars Of Clout 3 (Official Video)

King Lil Jay - Bars Of Clout 3 (Official Video) Lyrics (.LRC)

[00:07.50]I started all that boppin' ****
[00:09.20]Y'all switched it around, I ain't with none of that ****
[00:11.40]Real ***** for life
[00:14.40]Clout Lord, I'm Legendary
[00:16.20]Kill a ***** 'cause it's necessary
[00:22.20]Catching bodies that is nothin'
[00:23.90]Just like your body count is nothing
[00:25.30]A ***** want respect from me?
[00:27.30]Go and do a hit or something
[00:31.20]Shout out to the real ****** (Let's get it)
[00:33.40]Free the real ******, Polo Boy turn me up, man (Double 0)
[00:37.00]You know this **** never change with me, man (Aiight)
[00:39.20]Same ***** since day one, let's get it
[00:40.60](Polo Boy Shawty on the track so I am ******* it)
[00:41.40]No stakes, stupid, let's get it (Let's get it)
[00:43.80]*****, I be steppin', I keep me a wеapon
[00:45.80]You ****** is peasants, get wrapped likе a present
[00:47.60]That Glock 37, a stick in that *****
[00:49.30]You know, I come with aggression
[00:51.00]I will come kill you in seconds, my shooter is Chucky, he'll kill you in seconds
[00:54.20]I pop a perky for breakfast, I'm WTO, it's no need for the guessing
[00:58.20]Fo'nem getting that Tooka way, go slide on an opp on Tooka day
[01:01.80]On Duck day, take a **** on Edai's grave
[01:03.90]I'm getting cake, it never late
[01:06.20]*****, I'm from the Trey, I be cracking Treys
[01:07.80]If I come and spray, it's a DOA
[01:09.60]I ain't OVO, but I stay with Drac's
[01:11.40]Anti leg shots, I shoot for the face
[01:13.30]Headshots, red dots, the bullets make your head disintegrate
[01:17.00]Real gangsta, move at my own pace, got my own guns, got my own place
[01:20.70]Up in Chiraq, *****, I have my way
[01:22.50]WTO, we smoke **** in broad day
[01:24.30]Plus I'm anti snitch, I'on got nothin' to say to the jakes
[01:28.50]Know what the **** it is, man (Gang)
[01:30.20]All that gang gang, ****, I invented all that ****, man
[01:33.00]Stand over gang ****, man (Sword)
[01:35.20]WTO, we the ******' opps for a reason, man
[01:37.20]Y'all know what the **** it is
[01:38.30]Clout Lord, I'm back (L's, L's)
[01:39.40]You know what the **** it is, man
[01:41.30]Gang, gang
[01:42.50]Double 0, I'm the menace, put the metal in your mouth like you went to the dentist (Po po po)
[01:46.30]***** off when I finish, WTO, we play for keeps, try us then you finished
[01:50.10]Tryna **** up my image? (Huh) I be in that field for real, no lying or scrimmage
[01:53.80]I just beat that body, lil shorty was snitching
[01:55.80]If you had **** with him then I keep my distance
[01:57.50]I'm still with that BDK **** (BDK), hop out, let the semi spray quick (Grah)
[02:00.90]Real stepper, yeah, I erase ****
[02:02.70]Got booked and I never said ****
[02:04.50]Ain't with all that backdoor, ****, pull up with that black 45th
[02:08.20]DOA, yeah, your body getting zipped
[02:10.00]Smoke a ***** like za, yeah, zip (Woah, ****)
[02:12.00]I play with hundreds and fifties, I play with the semis (Money money)
[02:15.20]Play crazy and I shoot 'til it's empty
[02:16.80]I might pull up in that Bentley, a bad ***** ride with me
[02:18.60]She **** me, I didn't let her kiss me
[02:20.10]I swear I'm addicted to Gucci and Fendi, go shopping at Saks and spend a light twenty
[02:23.80]I'm a main *****, I know ****** envy
[02:25.50]Yeah, I'm on parole, but I still'a get busy (Double 0)
[02:28.50]You know what the **** it is, man
[02:30.40]Gang gang, been the same since potty trained (Woah, haha)
[02:33.00]You know how the **** I'm comin'
[02:33.90]Opps see me, they get to runnin'
[02:34.80]RIP Big Clout, *****, Double 0
[02:36.80]TookaVille, Clout Lord (Let's get it)
[02:39.50]Shout out to the real gang members (Gang, let's get it, let's get it, let's get it)
[02:40.40]Free the real ****** too, man (Let's get, let's get it, let's get it, gang)
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King Lil Jay - Bars Of Clout 3 (Official Video) Lyrics (*.LRC)

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