Kevin Gates - PTOE (Official Audio) Lyrics (*.LRC)

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Singer: Kevin Gates | Song: PTOE (Official Audio)

Kevin Gates - PTOE (Official Audio) Lyrics (.LRC)

[00:02.50]Alone in my solitude looking at the stars
[00:08.50]Alone in my solitude looking at the stars
[00:10.80]Perspective was out of focus, I'm frequently losin' focus
[00:13.80]Feelings in the way as I battle with old emotions
[00:16.70]Ten toes down, I'm standin' up in devotion
[00:19.50]I was born again, I'm finally havin' motion
[00:22.30]Forgive my for my sins, I'm knowin' they see me growin'
[00:25.10]Protect me from my friends, I'm knowin' that they opposin'
[00:27.90]Jerome lookin' at me, he just smile
[00:30.00]I meant to say, "Jerome Craft, I'ma make you proud"
[00:32.80]Thankin' God for what I am experiencin' right now, they look up to Gates
[00:36.70]Look inside of everybody image, see a touch of Gates
[00:39.40]Had a good friend, but, you killed it threw my love away
[00:42.40]Now they in they feelings 'cause they cannot get in touch with Gates
[00:45.10]Kirboy Trell, big God of the North
[00:48.00]I'm slangin' raw, seekin' no applause when I talk
[00:50.50]The godmother came to me, told me I was sacred
[00:53.40]The world gon' be grateful, the other ones gon' hate you
[00:56.50]Gangster reason right here, guide me through the Matrix
[00:59.20]J Real, I appreciate all of the conversations
[01:02.00]Although I was hard-headed, still reachin' my destination
[01:04.70]I got uptown hustle, I come from under Big London
[01:07.70]Showin' love, expectin' nothin', the money comin', abundance
[01:10.60]Showin' love, expectin' nothin', the money comin', abundance
[01:13.40]This is 'bout that time, almost time, not right now
[01:16.70]'Bout that time
[01:17.40]Ayy, I got 'em in a slow cooker, you heard me?
[01:19.50]Boom, with the roof gone, celly hold things
[01:21.90]Rockin' glass, how I was cashed out, now, we up in rain
[01:24.60]'Member when I used to save my pants everywhere I go
[01:27.40]*****, you know I'ma show my*****everywhere I go
[01:30.20]Now, she callin' me on s***d dial, wanna retrial
[01:32.80]Held court, you ain't beat trial, you can leave now
[01:35.80]And I'm speakin' up in court, had my back against the road
[01:38.80]They was steady throwin' jabs, hit him with the overthrow
[01:41.70]I just hit him with the dab, and they caught a overdose
[01:44.50]I was prayin' in the roads, now we in the holy Ghost
[01:47.30]All alone in my solitude lookin' at the stars
[01:50.20]Wonderin' if Meek Mill ever miss Nicki Minaj
[01:53.00]When you takin' care of everybody, **** get kinda hard
[01:55.80]When you come up in the ghetto, you don't kill, then you get robbed
[01:58.70]When you come up bein' broke, we would share the same clothes
[02:01.50]Hardest thing for me to do was let my main man go
[02:04.50]Elevatin' mentally, I hope he know that I love him
[02:07.20]Relationships with toxicity are counterproductive
[02:09.90]Now, these labels hit the horn on the phone all day
[02:13.10]Since this needed in the office down a long hallway
[02:15.90]*****, I'm turned up now, and I can't turn down
[02:18.60]Hundred million dollar check, me and Drek' turned up
[02:21.40]Don't want pharmaceuticals, ain't' sellin' my soul
[02:24.50]Lot of diamonds, I'm already shinin', platinum, and gold
[02:27.40]I been on a long road, I know life is not fair
[02:30.00]God blessed me with a angel, now somebody, that's rare
[02:32.90]And I realized that when she play in my hair
[02:35.50]And when she rub on my face, pick the bumps off my back
[02:38.40]Look at all of that ass, what you doin' with all that?
[02:41.30]Know it's jam bae 'cause jelly not ******* like that
[02:44.20]Now, we in my big truck takin' road trips
[02:47.20]Focused tryna keep it in the road still
[02:50.20]I promise I'ma keep on bein' a lover
[02:52.30]Already got a lover, so, I cannot be a lover
[02:55.00]You're not committed to anything, you distracted by everything
[02:58.70]I put that on everything
[02:59.90]Got Forgies on everything
[03:02.40]Got Forgies on everything
[03:06.90]Now, we in my big truck takin' road trips
[03:10.40]Focused tryna keep it in the road still
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Kevin Gates - PTOE (Official Audio) Lyrics (*.LRC)

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