Kevin Gates - Intro (Official Music Video) Lyrics (*.LRC)

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Singer: Kevin Gates | Song: Intro (Official Music Video)

Kevin Gates - Intro (Official Music Video) Lyrics (.LRC)

[00:00.80]Everything I do, you ******* got a problem with it
[00:03.80]Hmm, carry on (Carry on)
[00:08.20]I take a ****, you got a problem with it
[00:10.20]Hmm, carry on (Carry on)
[00:12.80]Huh, ayy, you make it like it's about Dude
[00:16.30]You know it ain't about that
[00:17.40]You know what the **** you did, ***** (Damn)
[00:19.50]I don't hate you, you must know
[00:20.80]Man, I'ma show you how great I am
[00:23.40]Carry on
[00:23.40]For the record, I am Muslim first, where should I begin?
[00:26.60]I'm a general, I'm one of the men, ABPSN
[00:29.10]I'm hospitable, respect agreed, but we can not be friends
[00:32.40]Social media, I'm not promotin' criminal intent
[00:35.30]Big spinner, get to business deal when killers get consent
[00:38.30]Whoever played, I want they family membеrs, I'ma set a trend
[00:41.50]Bow my head and say "Astaghfirullah, Lord, forgivе me for my sins"
[00:44.40]F250 drop my Hellcat off and whip up in a Benz (Hmm)
[00:47.60]Downtown, ninth ward, Alabo and Rocheblave
[00:50.80]Big chiefs send them things, bread winner, gunner gang
[00:53.70]New infinity in gunner phase, how we discussin' things?
[00:56.70]Timid, nine ward did it, gon' have another son to raise
[00:59.70]****** started actin' like big ****i ain't the truth ouch'ere
[01:02.80]I done caught a body if a ***** want some proof ouch'ere
[01:05.70]Southside, Baton Rouge, standin' up on Fran Street
[01:08.80]Standin' up on 12th Street, big London package, hand me
[01:11.70]With Butcher out on Evergreen, standin' up on Taft Street
[01:14.70]Sold **** on Murder street, St. Joseph Abbey Street
[01:17.80]Crate and Stewart, middle of the drought and he ain't textin' me
[01:20.60]Carolina Street's applyin' pressure, you can ask for me
[01:23.60]Trophy, grey Monte Carlow, hustle 'til my lungs collapse on me
[01:26.60]Garfield Street, ask Big Boi, charge twenty for a zip of lean
[01:29.80]B.O.N., I'm a big old ***** with that MAC on me
[01:32.70]Zap-a-hard, fifteen on I'm weighin' a rack a piece
[01:35.80]They shot me down, broke my bone in half, it ain't no jackin' me
[01:38.80]Hospital every pack, digi scale, **** and them bands on me
[01:41.70]Shoutout to God, no bodyguard, wore my hat, he had plans for me
[01:44.60]I was on my*****doin' bad and ****boy had grabbed for me
[01:47.70]Mile I blew them stacks, payed him back, and T-Newman grabbed for me
[01:50.60]Born like my hustle, I must a free agent drafted me
[01:53.50]Honda Accord with Dreka, move discretely, look with that ***** on me
[01:56.60]Accidentally turned up, Oakland, Cali', Sac' on me
[01:59.60]******' with the plug daughter, her mama put that pack on me
[02:02.50]No five ton, no metal box, I'm comin' with the stamp on me
[02:05.50]Leavin' Hammond with what's his name? Fleep is spillin' ack on me
[02:08.60]****, I feel gangster, reason presence in the back of me
[02:11.60]Abuelita's spirit, got the Godmother backin' me
[02:14.50]***** murdered Mazi and I was gone, that **** had ****ged me
[02:17.50]Bodega bans'll tell you in New York that I got handling
[02:20.50]Big Jigga tell you, if I love you, anything you ask of me
[02:23.50]Breadwinner, brave heart, ain't trippin' ' bout no brave team
[02:26.80]Stalkin', tryna choke something, ain't stickin' like no Beijing
[02:29.90]Curbboy Trell, you know these ****** out here hate me
[02:32.80]Want me to suffer, melt my ****er, oven-hot potato, bake me
[02:35.80]Lil' killer, listen, you hop in the streets, you know, a lot gon' change
[02:38.70]When you a Gates, it's in your DNA, so you are not gon' change
[02:41.60]Protect your sister, know what you believe, you gotta die this way
[02:44.70]Once you go to jail, expect your ***** to play a lot of games
[02:47.70]Even your c**** respect the way you built, a lot are not the same
[02:50.90]Never rat, always mind the business, that's a prouder way
[02:53.60]You a good friend, remember, you not friendly, you don't ride the wave
[02:56.60]Respect yourself and everything around you, we not trying to play
[02:59.70]He who try, ain't no doubt about it, divin' in his face
[03:02.60]No surrender, no retreat, reply, *****, you gon' die today
[03:05.60]Represent your trial but your actions and your body language
[03:08.60]Upright independent feelings movin' with all types of angels
[03:11.80]Nine-thousand miles, do ease, where the holy copper stations
[03:14.90]Muslim makes salat, this all we got, you take your time with prayin'
[03:17.90]Upright, independent, fearless, praises go to my creator
[03:20.70]Upright, independent, fearless, we havin' a lot of paper
[03:23.50]Upright, independent, fearless, even if my body stinkin'
[03:27.50]Hmm, what else?
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Kevin Gates - Intro (Official Music Video) Lyrics (*.LRC)

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