Kery James - J'rap encore (Clip Officiel) Lyrics (*.LRC)

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Singer: Kery James | Song: J'rap encore (Clip Officiel)

Kery James - J'rap encore (Clip Officiel) Lyrics (.LRC)

[00:36.10]I’m still ******* Am I the most ******** rapper?
[00:41.76]I’m not searching for the crossover My voice is too virile for the vocoder
[00:47.94]Most of rappers have bent over Me, I denounce the system since “la vie est ******” (life is ******)
[00:55.34]Skyrock (radio) brought them to their knees Like the Occident in front of Netanyahu
[01:02.76]But me, I’m still ******* Before hitting to the chin, I hit the body
[01:07.92]From the musical plantation, I got away And I make a whole lot of money since I’m in an independant label
[01:14.76]I’m in cinemas, I’m in theaters I’m in Saint Jean Saint Pierre
[01:19.96]I’m in the 9.4 I’m easy to find
[01:23.18]Like a White in Africa Or like the blood of immi*****s
[01:26.50]Under the soles of a cop
[01:29.92]You see, I’m still ******* I’m the most ******** rapper
[01:35.98]*******, I do that easily The sound is thug, I’m in my element
[01:42.84]The ***** is insolent That’s Normal, my rivals are way too slow
[01:49.62]I moisten my fleshy lips The ****** is handsome, did you see
[01:57.08]I’m still ******* I straightened out but I’ve got brothers that still swindle
[02:01.90]If you come across them in a forest, it’s that they hide a body Or that they just robbed a bank and a vault
[02:09.84]I know how to erase the evidence If I didn’t believe in god, I would have made widows
[02:15.42]You know the rules of the game so don’t play the thug You will get shot, coming out of a club
[02:23.44]Don’t do the gangster here You’re not more credible than France threatening Russia
[02:29.06]Rappers have become soft I became hardened
[02:32.34]I could make a portrait for you: in the style of Kery James da Vinci
[02:37.50]You see, I’m still ******* I crash into the rap planet like a meteor
[02:44.00]Simple, basic A legendary rapper, is measured by his classics
[02:50.28]I’m going to put my title at stake On December 8th, I’ll put the zenith on fire again
[02:56.92]On the stage, I’m the most powerful I have a white drummer that make mind boggling stuff
[03:03.94]They make concerts, I make shows I cry brothers while they’re playing thugs
[03:09.74]The expression is direct as in the 78 Rap has touched the bottom like the public school
[03:18.02]But I, I’m still ******* Boum! Boum! Bang! Bang! Bing! Bing!
[03:21.24]I’ll drive you off the road
[03:23.20]To the rap col umnists becoming too confident
[03:26.50]You could be slapped by a conscious rapper
[03:30.36]Show me respect I don’t have your time There a re men turning thirty who call me uncle
[03:37.32]Talk about the rappers that make you fantasize Forget me, there will be no tears, no injured people
[03:44.56]I do that thing since I’m a kid And I’m going to last like a railroad strike
[03:50.72]A country ruled by bankers The smiles on the faces of the annuitants
[03:58.44]I’m still ******* Even if it doesn’t please the medias, I’m still tackling
[04:03.58]I accept compromises but not the compromise of principles
[04:06.58]I have promised you that I’m on a mission
[04:09.78]Neither in front of Ardisson, nor in front of Ruquier I bear the flag I did not abdicate
[04:13.20]Black, proud as a Soninke That pretends to rap without any claim
[04:16.68]Yann Moix is just a doormat Always on the side of the strongest
[04:19.86]You can talk all you like about me when I’m absent but it actually doesn’t make me in the wrong
[04:23.36]Each his place on the chessboard I inform m*****, you argue
[04:26.50]Powers and medias are intertwined Dangerous as gasoline near a lighter
[04:29.90]My life has been rythmed by the siren’s calls I didn’t have the same childhood of Enthoven
[04:33.32]If I still scream my “Douleur *****” (ebony pain) It’s that I must have slaves’ blood in the veins
[04:36.62]The same black man vision of Jules ferry We survive in France or in there we perish
[04:39.96]I started from the bottom like Franck Ribéry And their backstabbings only made me tougher
[04:43.48]20 years later I still got the fighting spirit To love or to death
[04:46.92]I’m gonna kill the game Break the score
[04:48.62]Don’t look for the clash I’m still ******* !
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