JAY Z - Bam ft. Damian Marley Lyrics (*.LRC)

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Singer: JAY Z | Song: Bam ft. Damian Marley

JAY Z - Bam ft. Damian Marley Lyrics (.LRC)

[00:08.63]Trenchtown as you know
[00:11.20]My family history runs deep there
[00:14.63]That's the place that my father grew up as a young man
[00:18.53]Now greetings to the world....
[00:22.60]Speaking patois
[00:34.20]The prophets in the beginning were musicians
[00:38.20]They were the poets, the writers
[00:41.10]And that's what we've been tasked with in this life
[00:47.63]**** is...its actually kind of humbling, you know
[00:54.77]Gangsta no live in a tenement yard
[00:58.00]Rude boy no live in a tenement yard
[01:00.50]Too much watchie watchie watchie
[01:01.73]Too much su-su su-su-su
[01:03.30]Them chatty chatty chatty
[01:05.00]Them su-su su-su-su
[01:07.20]Its influenced a lot of what we do
[01:09.30]Like our whole genre is birthed out of
[01:12.30]Traditions out of reggae ****er one,
[01:14.30]Its the essence of us
[01:16.00]Borrowing from our ancestors
[01:17.67]But re-creating it and re-presenting it
[01:20.23]Its like that's who we are
[01:21.73]That's what we come from
[01:23.73]We are vessels right?
[01:26.10]We're whistles, the wind go through us
[01:28.30]We make the noise
[01:31.13]**** all this pretty shawn carter ****, ***** hov
[01:35.17]Shawn was on that gospel ****
[01:37.17]I was on the total ******* opposite (****)
[01:40.13]Stuff a million dollars in a sock drawer
[01:43.07]Thats a war chest in case you need your chest knocked off
[01:48.30]Y'all be talking crazy under them ig pictures
[01:51.07]So when you get to hell you tell em blanco sent ya
[01:53.73]I can't take no threats, I got a set of twins
[01:56.63]Those were just some words you'll never hear again
[01:59.27]For the final time you don't believe these fools
[02:02.30]I never seen a worker rock so many jewels (never)
[02:05.30]I never seen a runner with so many cars (ever)
[02:08.17]Y'all couldn't stop me,
[02:09.37]You're not as tough as you say you are
[02:11.63]My advice is just don't be too nice to ******
[02:14.20]Just set the price on ****** and live your life my ******
[02:17.33]Once upon a time in the projects
[02:20.23]Once upon a time in the projects
[02:24.20]The way the community is built
[02:25.37]If you notice how the room we all surround
[02:28.57]A court yard setting
[02:30.13]And that court yard setting would be
[02:31.67]Where a lot of the music was made
[02:37.27]All of those things kinda encourage the environment
[02:40.73]Of learning you know music and al that stuff
[02:44.03]I was in fighting mode, oh now it's **** me mi hijo
[02:46.73]I was moving them kilos help you move your peoples
[02:50.07]You know I feel like when I go to africa
[02:52.00]I feel like when I go, you know my people
[02:55.30]I love people, period
[02:58.23](Hi jay-z, how are you?)
[02:59.77]What's up
[03:02.63]You don't see me too?
[03:05.60]Emory passed you ****** and he did a bid
[03:08.27]Ty ty jumped over ******, he like 5'6"
[03:11.13]Got the heart of a giant
[03:12.43]Don't you ever forget
[03:14.17]Don't you never forget
[03:15.40]Jigga got this **** popping
[03:17.60]I pulled out the pot when we was out of options
[03:19.77]Gangsta no live in a tenement yard
[03:22.67]Rude boy no live in a tenement yard
[03:25.43]Too much watchie watchie watchie
[03:27.10]Them su-su su-su-su
[03:28.43]Too much chatty chatty chatty
[03:30.20]And them su-su su-su-su
[03:32.17]Fearless musicians would have to come
[03:33.70]And audition and what not
[03:35.07]To try to get inside the doors,
[03:36.30]You know what I mean?
[03:37.50]And I'm sure a lot of them were turned away.
[03:38.53]So first eventually actually have
[03:40.67]Ownership of this place is great.
[03:45.20]Lots of violence in our king's town 6.
[03:48.63]Nancy wright the
[03:52.67]Sound like a crispy biscuit
[03:57.33]Ta bam bam
[04:08.33]That's freestyle a bam bam
[04:11.00]Just like that,
[04:12.20]I didn't write it.
[04:13.33]Man, that must feel good.
[04:14.33]Like make something so timeless.
[04:16.03]Of course
[04:21.00]I was asking him about jamrock.
[04:22.17]I was asking him did he know like
[04:23.40]The minute he heard it did he know?
[04:26.03]And he said yes.
[04:27.47]Did he say yes?
[04:32.03]Good music it will last.
[04:33.33]That's right
[04:34.33]It will last. It won't go nowhere.
[04:35.77]And even i, I'm gone.
[04:37.20]I'm supposed to go.
[04:38.37]That's right
[04:39.30]My daughter is going to be here
[04:40.23]And say that's mommy's bam bam
[04:42.00]It ain't going nowhere.
[04:45.00]Powerful, isn't it?
[04:47.27]Can't you see, it's my ambition
[04:50.13]I come to nice up the whole nation
[04:53.07]What a bam bam
[04:54.37]What a bam bam
[04:55.77]I don't give a god damn
[04:57.17]I don't give a god damn
[04:59.30]When me come a dance
[05:01.20]Have my spliff & guinness
[05:02.73]Y'all crowd of people go
[05:04.27]And mind ya business
[05:05.47]This a hunting season
[05:08.30]Well I tell ya something season
[05:11.27]Cake & dumpling season.
[05:14.23]Spinach & dumpling sea(son)...
[05:18.37]It's really powerful for me when I came here.
[05:21.73]This is music I listen to my whole life.
[05:25.00]My ****and dad they like collect records
[05:26.73]And just played music all the time.
[05:30.27]Bob was like a major boss in our house.
[05:33.47]Like I turn to a kid when I came here.
[05:37.17]Well the tuff gong definitely
[05:38.37]Exist long before me,
[05:39.50]That was my dad's nickname.
[05:41.30]We as a family have used it throughout the years.
[05:43.23]Know what I mean?
[05:44.20]This is like a great,
[05:45.77]You know a great part of the legacy.
[05:48.20]That's strong.
[05:49.40]Full circle.
[05:50.23]That's how it works right?
[05:52.27]That's unbelievable.
[05:54.13]You know
[05:55.30]Everything that's meant to happen, happens,
[05:57.03]That's just what, that's what it is.
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JAY Z - Bam ft. Damian Marley Lyrics (*.LRC)

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