JAY Z - 444 Lyrics (*.LRC)

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Singer: JAY Z | Song: 444

JAY Z - 444 Lyrics (.LRC)

[00:04.27]Birds flying high
[00:08.20]You know how I feel
[00:11.67]Sun in the sky
[00:13.57]You know how I feel
[00:17.00]Breeze driftin' on by
[00:21.07]You know how I feel
[00:24.13]It's a new dawn
[00:25.57]It's a new day
[00:27.70]It's a new life
[00:29.00]For me
[00:31.00]And I'm feeling good
[00:33.60]Do I find it so hard?
[00:36.03]A relationship is a relationship
[00:37.77]That has to be earned
[00:42.20]And I love relationships
[00:43.53]I think there fantasticly wonderful
[00:44.63]I think there great
[00:45.67]I think there is nothing in the world
[00:47.23]More beautiful than falling in love
[00:51.77]But falling in love for the right reason
[00:54.77]Falling in love for the right purpose
[00:57.50]Falling in love
[00:59.03]Falling in love
[01:30.57]Man, you want me to tell you the truth?
[01:33.60]Man I didn't feel nothing
[01:35.63]I was just laying on the ground
[01:37.13]With the shot in my stomach
[01:38.13]And I was just like lord
[01:40.07]Just don't let me go out like this
[01:41.30]Don't take me like this
[01:43.10]And that's the first time I actually subconsciously
[01:45.53]Heard him talk back to me
[01:47.60]And I remember the exact statement
[01:49.73]I'll never forget it
[01:51.13]He said, "I'm not going to take you,
[01:53.10]I showed you too much to take you now,
[01:56.20]You not done."
[02:35.03]Call the police
[02:36.17]Don't nobody care nothing about the police
[02:37.60]What's wrong with yall?
[02:45.63]***** you want to hit me *****?
[02:47.37]Don't do it *****
[02:49.07]Don't do it *****
[02:50.10]Well alright then
[02:52.13]Well alright then
[02:53.13]And he spit in your drink *****
[02:54.40]You spit in my drink?
[02:56.10]Bruh, did he spit in my drink?
[02:58.23]Like off no hype **** bruh
[03:00.17]Cause you my man and I **** with you
[03:02.13]But if you...
[03:02.50]***** no!
[03:03.40]I apologize
[03:04.67]I often womanized
[03:06.03]Took for my child to be born
[03:07.20]To see through a woman's eyes
[03:08.67]Took for these natural twins
[03:10.17]To believe in miracles
[03:11.40]Took me too long for this song
[03:13.23]I don't deserve you
[03:15.00]I harassed you out in paris
[03:17.30]Please come back to rome
[03:18.20]You make it home
[03:20.20]We talked for hours
[03:21.07]When you were on tour
[03:22.43]Please pick up the phone
[03:23.33]Pick up the phone
[03:25.30]I said don't embarrass me
[03:26.33]Instead of be mine
[03:28.10]That was my proposal for us to go steady
[03:31.00]That was your 21st birthday
[03:33.17]You ******d faster than me
[03:34.67]I wasn't ready
[03:35.70]So I apologize
[03:37.30]I seen the innocence
[03:38.40]Leave your eyes
[03:39.40]I still mourn its death and
[03:41.27]I apologize
[03:42.77]For all the stillborns
[03:44.33]Cause I wasn't present your body wouldn't accept it
[03:46.43]I apologize to all the *****
[03:48.43]Whom I toyed your emotions
[03:50.13]Cause I was emotionless and
[03:52.00]I apologize
[03:53.27]Cause at your best
[03:55.07]You are love
[03:56.30]And because
[03:57.57]I fall short of what I say I'm all about
[03:59.70]Your eyes leave with the soul
[04:00.70]That your body once housed
[04:02.47]And you stare blankly into space
[04:04.23]Thinking about all the time you wasted it
[04:06.10]On all this basic **** so
[04:08.43]I apologize
[04:10.73]Eh, I'm an innocent bystander
[04:13.10]They saying I drove a getaway car
[04:15.40]But I cannot see, I'm legally blind
[04:18.33]Crowds in mobile's creighton community
[04:20.43]Many of you bring binoculars, camcorders
[04:23.37]Even cameraphones
[04:24.43]To me it look like a leprechaun to me
[04:26.70]All you got to do is look up in the tree
[04:27.77]Whoever see the leprechaun say yeah!
[05:09.70]I apologize
[05:11.50]Our love was
[05:12.43]One for the ages and
[05:14.30]I contained us of
[05:15.43]All this ratchet ****
[05:16.50]We more expansive not
[05:18.13]Meant to cry and die
[05:19.27]Alone in these mansions or
[05:21.00]Sleep with our back turned
[05:22.53]We supposed to
[05:23.73]Vaca till our backs burn
[05:25.30]We're supposed to
[05:26.47]Laugh till our heart stops
[05:28.07]And then meet
[05:29.10]In a space where the dark stop
[05:30.50]Let love light the way
[05:33.13]But like the men before me
[05:34.37]I cut off my nose to spite my face
[05:36.20]I never wanted another *****
[05:37.33]To know something about me
[05:39.00]That you didn't know
[05:40.13]I promise I cried
[05:41.10]I couldn't hold
[05:42.43]I **** at love
[05:43.33]I think I need a do over
[05:44.77]I will be emotionally available
[05:46.23]Before I invited you over
[05:48.27]I stew over
[05:49.47]What if
[05:51.10]You over my ****
[05:58.13]I mean, I'm sure in some ways it's fun yeah
[06:07.00]Actually I am dealing with a little existential crisis here
[06:12.50]Am I alive?
[06:14.20]Do I actually exist?
[06:16.10]Will I die?
[06:22.47]I never thought dreams could happen
[06:44.33]Since I met judy
[06:50.27]Since I met judy
[06:56.37]My life has been one
[07:02.30]I never thought I could welcome
[07:11.57]Oh baby
[07:14.47]Two other hearts as I do
[07:26.63]We be all night,
[07:29.00]Love, love
[07:33.37]We be all night,
[07:40.37]And if my children knew
[07:43.47]I don't even know what I would do
[07:45.60]If they ain't look at me the same
[07:48.63]I would probably die with all the shame
[07:51.17]You did what with who
[07:53.07]What good is a ****** a *****
[07:54.23]When you have a soulmate
[07:56.40]You risked that for blue
[07:59.33]If I wasn't a superhero in your face
[08:01.57]My heart breaks for the day
[08:03.30]I have to explain my mistakes
[08:05.47]And the mask goes away
[08:08.20]And santa claus is fake
[08:11.10]And you go online and see
[08:13.10]For blue's tooth
[08:14.07]The tooth fairy didn't pay
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JAY Z - 444 Lyrics (*.LRC)

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