Gucci Mane - Long Live Dolph (Official Audio) Lyrics advanced (*.LRC)

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Singer: Gucci Mane | Song: Long Live Dolph (Official Audio)

Gucci Mane - Long Live Dolph (Official Audio) Lyrics (.LRC) Advanced

[00:15.30]R.I.P. to Flippa (Flippa), a money- gettin' ***** (My *****)
[00:19.00]Had to blaze one up for Dolph (For Dolph), don't think they felt ya like I feel him (I feel him)
[00:22.80]Same ****** wanna be ya be the ones that come to kill ya (Damn)
[00:26.60]Now don't that sound familiar? (Damn), your name, they gon' remember (Yeah)
[00:30.60]Can't be quiet and go silent, life violent, we still outside
[00:34.80]Hurt me inside, I can't hide it, it's hard to hide
[00:38.10]Bein' a trap rapper, it's a miracle if you survive (Yeah)
[00:42.30]Every day, I pray and thank the Lord that I'm still alive (Thе Lord)
[00:46.30]When it comes to legеnds, Dolph forever in my top five (Dolph)
[00:50.30]Real life street *****, never had to tell lies (No)
[00:54.10]Remember used to rap about weed, he didn't sell pies
[00:57.90]Freshest young ***** on the scene, had his own style (Fresh)
[01:01.90]Don't take your life for *****ed, could be gone in seconds (Pyoom)
[01:05.90]R.I.P. to Dolph, long, long live the legend (Long)
[01:09.40]From Memphis to the 6 (6), they felt you in the bricks (Bricks)
[01:13.10]The day you died, it broke my heart, a day I won't forget (Damn)
[01:17.10]One thing you know, you're missed (Missed), one thing you know, we ****** (Rrr)
[01:21.10]It's Paper Route forever, you know Wop gon' represent (Wop)
[01:24.90]You know Glock gon' represent (Glock), lil' Tre Tre gon' represent (Tre Tre)
[01:28.60]I done shed so many tears, I had to hit the mic and vent (Vent)
[01:32.70]I pull up, it's an event, we pull up, this how it went (Skrrt)
[01:36.30]Threw so much money in Magic, ******* say we paid they rent (Well, damn)
[01:40.20]Million-dollar cars, no tint (Tint), we scratched off like, "Where they went?" (Skrrt)
[01:44.10]Know your legacy gon' live on, know exactly what you meant (You meant)
[01:48.00]When it comes to independent, man, you are the president (The prezi)
[01:51.70]For puttin' on your relatives, showin' love, wasn't hesitant (Nah)
[01:55.70]Tryna find the positive ('Tive), but it's only negative ('Tive)
[01:59.80]So much hate and envy out here, I don't got two ***** to give (No ***** to give)
[02:03.60]So this is how it is, gotta die to get your props? (Huh?)
[02:07.40]Never get your flowers while you're here, and damn, that says a lot (A lot)
[02:11.50]All this senseless violence that I'm seein', I swear it needs to stop (Stop)
[02:15.10]Humans ******* other human beings almost 'round the clock (Hah)
[02:19.10]In a circular, circlin' the block (Block)
[02:21.10]Drop the top, this time for Dolph (For Dolph)
[02:23.00]Every time you see Guwop this summer, you gon' see it off (Off)
[02:26.90]Then be careful and stay dangerous every time I leave the house (Stay dangerous)
[02:30.70]The odds stacked against you in the hood, we tryna make it out (Go)
[02:34.60]Backseat of my Rolls-Royce Phantom playin' Paper Route (Route)
[02:38.60]Like since Dolph died, that's all I'm bumpin', I can't take it out (No)
[02:42.40]Never leave the house without, never do stunt moves for clout (No)
[02:46.30]If you all about your paper route, then roll one up for Dolph
[02:50.20]Chopper on my couch (Grraow), P's all 'round my house (P's)
[02:54.10]Young *****, I be fresh as ****, remindin' you of Dolph (Remindin' you of Dolph)
[02:58.00]That ***** from the South (South), my name in her mouth (It's Gucci)
[03:02.10]This ***** here 'bout her paper routes, her favorite rapper Dolph (It's Dolph)
[03:07.30]Miss you, homie
[03:09.60]The whole world miss you
[03:11.50]I lost a friend, I lost a homie
[03:15.80]The world lost a friend
[03:17.70]Lost a father
[03:19.20]And a son
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Gucci Mane - Long Live Dolph (Official Audio) Lyrics advanced (*.LRC)

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