GloRilla - Tomorrow (Official Music Video) Lyrics (*.LRC)

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Singer: GloRilla | Song: Tomorrow (Official Music Video)

GloRilla - Tomorrow (Official Music Video) Lyrics (.LRC)

[00:23.70]Poppin' ****, you would think I went to school for chiropractin' (Poppin')
[00:26.70]Lookin' good as hell today, just sent my ***** five attachments (Look at this)
[00:29.60]Why did you confront me 'bout a *****? Man, you ******* backwards (Stupid ass)
[00:32.80]They come at me 'bout ****** who I don't even find attractive (Ugh)
[00:35.70]I don't know that *****, I just seened him on the town before
[00:38.60]I can't be up her face, I took her ***** down before (Nah)
[00:41.50]When I lose a *****, I just pop out and go find some mo' (Easy)
[00:44.50]Soon as I feel likе my time get waisted, thеn it's time to go (Deuces)
[00:47.70]They say they don't **** wit' me, but I say they can't **** wit' me (On ****)
[00:50.70]Just like the air, I'm everywhere, how you say it's up wit' me (Huh?)
[00:53.50]Them ******* should've stayed down, they could've been up wit' me (Too bad)
[00:56.20]But all they doin' is talkin' down, 'cause they can't get up wit' me (Lame ass)
[00:59.60]My ex ******' on my old friend, both they*****some ******' clowns (Haha)
[01:02.70]Thinkin' that she got one up on me, she got my hand- me-downs (Lame*****ho)
[01:05.50]He thought he wasn't gon' have to stand on ****, like he was handicap (Thought it was)
[01:08.60]Make that ***** stand on that, now his*****can't stand me now
[01:11.60]High as ****, I'm lit (Yuh), I don't smoke no Swishers (Nope)
[01:14.50]Slidin' wit' my gang and them, look at them like sisters (That's gang)
[01:17.50]These ******* be lettin' them go out sad about these ****** (Ugh)
[01:20.40]I don't wanna hang wit' them, they don't handle business (They can't hang wit' us)
[01:23.70]They be goin' for anything, but I can't go for none of that (None of that)
[01:26.60]Why would I go chase you? If I know you gon' come runnin' back (**** 'em up)
[01:29.60]Cut everybody off, lately been feelin' like the lumberjack (**** 'em)
[01:32.50]They really got me ****** up, and I wasn't goin' for none of that (None of that)
[01:35.40]She the type, the ***** make her mad she go tweet somethin' (Ugh)
[01:38.70]Me, I'm kinda ratchet still so I'm the type to beat somethin' (Beat 'em up)
[01:41.70]I can't love you, baby, like yo' ***** do, so don't leave her (Keep that bih')
[01:44.70]He gon' choose her every time 'cause it's cheaper to keep her (Hahaha)
[01:47.40]Can't say yo' name up in my songs, might not **** wit' you tomorrow (Nah)
[01:50.40]Can get my feelings hurt today, I won't give a **** tomorrow (That's just me)
[01:53.50]Ain't ****** up 'bout no credit score, I might be rich as **** tomorrow (Duh)
[01:56.50]Everyday the sun won't shine, but that's why I love tomorrow
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GloRilla - Tomorrow (Official Music Video) Lyrics (*.LRC)

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