Future - HOLY GHOST (Official Music Video) Lyrics (*.LRC)

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Singer: Future | Song: HOLY GHOST (Official Music Video)

Future - HOLY GHOST (Official Music Video) Lyrics (.LRC)

[00:00.00]by RentAnAdviser.com
[00:27.90]Phantom like a *****ette boat, all this water on me
[00:30.80]I was at my big truck, my wrist up, gettin' my **** ****ed
[00:33.90]When I switch my wrist up, switch my car, switch my ***** up
[00:36.80]Every time I hit her, I broke her off then dismissed her
[00:39.80]I been counting this paper all day, I'm getting blisters
[00:42.90]Roadkill, every time I pop out in a new whip
[00:46.00]Gettin' you whacked, ****** ain't running off with my new drip
[00:49.00]Rose set, white set, platinum set, overkill
[00:52.10]Killed **** and the ***** ain't have nothing to do with it, over-drill
[00:55.10]When you in the field and you innocent, why you over here?
[00:58.20]Body count, protocol, thotty count, losing count
[01:01.20]Swiss account, large amount, overseas, can't ****ounce
[01:04.20]Sippin' syrup in a fur, get my dog, walk him down
[01:07.20]Details inside of the photo, my fit was twenty thou'
[01:10.20]No miles, cashed out, put it up by the time it hit two thou'
[01:13.30]Surfing in Hermès, I'm the one they call Pluto-ski
[01:16.30]Mitski, I just went so deep I made her nose bleed
[01:19.40]Lewinsky, she just gave me her throat inside the Rolls-y
[01:22.40]If I OD, I'ma be on a Bentley spree, you must not know me
[01:25.30]I gave her that ****, put her on the road, she was holy
[01:28.40]Me and my lil' woadie gettin' it in, Japanese trend
[01:31.50]Big top Maybach, Benz, buy 'em buy the twin
[01:34.50]We got 'em locked in, boxed in, Glocks in
[01:37.50]Alligator skin for my sins, I'm 'bout to win again
[01:40.80]I know ****** craving for bodies, ready to spin again
[01:43.70]I get on my ten, 'bout my ends, *****, I'm locked in
[01:46.80]Made an M to a ten, now I'm posted on the Forbes again
[01:49.90]Only time I sell out, at the show, *****, I'm European
[01:52.80]Top ten, that's without that melody, it's costing
[01:55.80]No sleep, come from out the streets, leave you in white sheets
[01:59.20]V.I.P., ***** tryna eat on me, tryna sleep with me
[02:02.10]Overseas, everything I'm spending, Gucci on the feet
[02:05.00]Only see, everything this month, I bought an Onlysea
[02:08.00]New Chanel, everything I say, these ******* oversee
[02:11.00]Rolls key, pass the Lambo key, and the other key
[02:14.00]Truck key, not the sedan key, that's the other key
[02:17.10]Wiped down, cleaning my cars in the rain, I got OCD
[02:20.20]Dry it off, pouring out rain and he tryna dry it off
[02:23.20]Slide off, I got a foreign ***** at my hideout
[02:26.20]Real talk, ****** ain't speaking the language I talk
[02:35.40]Slide off, I got a foreign ***** at my hideout
[02:38.50]Real talk, ****** ain't speaking the language I talk
[02:43.80]by RentAnAdviser.com
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Future - HOLY GHOST (Official Music Video) Lyrics (*.LRC)

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