Finesse2tymes - Get Even (Official Music Video) Lyrics (*.LRC)

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Singer: Finesse2tymes | Song: Get Even (Official Music Video)

Finesse2tymes - Get Even (Official Music Video) Lyrics (.LRC)

[00:13.80]These *******'ll put it on they own kids that they love you (For real), homie, don't believe it (Nah)
[00:17.50]Callin' and askin' for money and **** (Uh-uh) like I had it easy (Nah)
[00:21.30]If I ever crossed you out and stopped ******' with you, it was for a reason (A reason)
[00:24.90]One thing about me, I never get mad (What you do?), I just get even (I got you)
[00:28.50]Might **** on your best friend (Bestie), **** on your sister (Sister), then you record it (Record it)
[00:32.10]You lyin' to me and want me to believе it (Really?), you must think I'm Maury (Maury)
[00:35.80]I'm ******' the city up (I am), I'm ******' the world up, havin' an **** (**** 'еm, damn, FlemDawg)
[00:39.30]And these ****** talkin' like they want problems (Nah), but they really avoiding (On God)
[00:43.40]I'm setting the record straight (Record straight)
[00:44.60]I'm willing to demonstrate any day (Any way)
[00:46.20]And I gotta say what I'm finna say (What I'm finna say)
[00:48.40]I really came up off the interstate (That highway)
[00:49.80]I got out of jail with no money (Nothing)
[00:51.70]I went and found a snow bunny (A white ho)
[00:53.80]I came up off the ho money (On God)
[00:55.60]I got that hustle and flow money (Like DJay)
[00:57.30]I jumped off the PJ with bags (Bags)
[00:59.00]I loaded 'em into a Tahoe (A Tahoe)
[01:00.70]I pulled off in a Lamborghini (Skrrt, skrrt, skrrt)
[01:02.80]That **** had me feeling like Ralo (Free Ralo)
[01:04.50]She want me to play in her ***** (Uh-uh)
[01:06.10]I'm finger ******' this paper (This paper)
[01:08.00]These *******'ll talk bad 'bout you, then wanna **** you, so I'm ******' a hater
[01:11.90]Ayy, ooh, I came up (Ooh, I came up)
[01:14.10]Ooh, I came up, ooh, that man up (That man up)
[01:16.20]Red bottom, red 'Venchy, *****, red flag, I'm flamed up (Red flag, I'm flamed up, damn, FlemDawg)
[01:19.10]When I went fed, I came back home and changed my name up (And now what they call you?)
[01:22.60]Finesse2Federal, Fed 4 Real, I'm ******' the game up (Been ******' my name up)
[01:26.40]My ***** yellow, drank yellow (Yeah)
[01:28.50]Kush make me think better (Uh)
[01:30.40]Percs make me **** better (Ooh)
[01:32.10]I'm *****in' with the bank teller (Ayy)
[01:34.10]I look like a ************* ki' (A ki')
[01:36.10]I look like a ************* load (Load)
[01:37.80]And shawty wanna **** with a G (A G)
[01:39.90]I'ma beat the ***** 'til it's swole
[01:41.50]I'ma eat the ***** like I'm drunk (I'm drunk)
[01:43.50]Nine grams crammed in a blunt (A blunt)
[01:45.30]Pull up to the show with the pump (With the pump)
[01:46.80]**** the back, I'm going through the front (Front)
[01:48.80]Get the backend, do the show (Show)
[01:50.40]Find me a freak, then I bounce (I'm out, damn, FlemDawg)
[01:52.50]**** the ***** until she go to sleep (Sleep)
[01:54.60]Wake her up and put the ***** out, get out (Go that way)
[01:57.60]You know what I'm sayin'? It's a whole lot of mobs over the world, right?
[02:02.10]But I'm talkin' 'bout mob ties, *****
[02:05.60]H-Town, I'm here
[02:07.70]*****, I'm here to stay
[02:09.10]Yeah, yeah
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Finesse2tymes - Get Even (Official Music Video) Lyrics (*.LRC)

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