EST Gee - Ice Talk feat. 42 Dugg (Official Music Video) Lyrics (*.LRC)

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Singer: EST Gee | Song: Ice Talk feat. 42 Dugg (Official Music Video)

EST Gee - Ice Talk feat. 42 Dugg (Official Music Video) Lyrics (.LRC)

[00:05.67]Who got the ups on us ***** across your shirt
[00:08.09]Like ***** buckle up
[00:09.18]You came in so I send you on that hit
[00:11.22]Might die you **** it up
[00:12.68]Clip hold got like t trimmers
[00:14.22]Real street ***** my money up
[00:15.93]Wave this ***** like hey what’s up
[00:17.39]Soon as fat boy get close enough
[00:19.10]****** don’t want bums they punks
[00:20.94]On ig up I post em up
[00:22.56]I’ll talk to them bodies late at night
[00:24.48]When I be rollin’ up
[00:25.69]They know it’s us
[00:26.90]Go with all that flaggin’ ***** you braggin’ now
[00:29.07]Choke on bruh
[00:29.99]40 That’s the caliber the magazine the 17
[00:33.12]I got this from medallin 18 times 33
[00:36.45]I hope he ain’t sellin’ dreams
[00:37.100]Might go back to mailin’ keys
[00:39.62]I don’t want no good *****
[00:41.17]Make dugg ***** a felon please
[00:43.00]Maurey’s meth*********** you know this that ice talk
[00:46.05]Cop I don’t fool that pipe off
[00:47.67]Yellow tape white chalk
[00:49.38]Ot gettin’ this ice off 400 hundred mounds
[00:52.22]Every country town around we beat it down
[00:54.18]Used to bag up pieces sittin’ up east
[00:56.56]Listenin’ to ‘wipe me down’
[00:57.77]I know they don’t like me now
[00:59.39]All your brothers, sisters, cousins
[01:00.69]Feds ever hit the house put my **** in the oven
[01:03.86]They get cheaper by the dozen
[01:05.48]Roster, grew to a monster
[01:06.86]We blow them choppers ***** I don’t know my after *****
[01:09.78]Tell me what come after rich
[01:11.36]Play with us we whackin’ ****
[01:13.12]Claimin’ **** and stampin’ ****
[01:14.70]**** y’all
[01:16.58]Yeah, yeah, yeah these ******
[01:19.16]Don’t want beef with us they ig killers
[01:21.25]We bendin' blocks and 3 rentals
[01:23.29]I don’t see ******
[01:24.54]Keep drillin’ ***** we breed killers
[01:26.54]We elite spinners big shiner
[01:28.76]Keep his heat with him eat and sleep with it
[01:31.01]Wake up
[01:31.88]***** wanna **** the youngin’ from the front
[01:33.72]Go get that makeup
[01:35.05]To make sure all my ****** had a piece
[01:37.06]I took a pay cut
[01:38.39]Hoe gon’ put this apartment in her name
[01:40.39]You need some pay stubs i’m crankin’ off fake ****s
[01:43.23]400 In 8 months 10 with me like they stuck
[01:46.36]The driver like my idol
[01:48.07]That’s the only ***** I can’t touch
[01:49.82]These ****** is not me
[01:51.44]These ****** is not g
[01:53.07]Got blow pack got roxys
[01:54.66]Got weed stems some boxed gin
[01:56.16]I’m top 10
[01:57.16]Go cash one and get locked in
[01:58.74]Got outta line and get knocked in
[02:00.37]In my city i’m top 10
[02:01.96]I’m 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
[02:05.17]With a white boy snortin’ h lines
[02:06.84]In the side county
[02:08.13]****** can’t find with a 4-5 on my waistline
[02:10.09]Like **** next i’m lit now
[02:11.76]Cross door i’m big slime
[02:13.38]I’m still slidin’
[02:14.47]I’m rich now
[02:15.47]Everybody gotta pick sides
[02:16.68]Took a risk to hold up my wrist high
[02:18.47]My lil brother took 6 lives
[02:19.89]He a lil ***** but look 6’5
[02:21.64]Can’t the ops say
[02:22.73]That they didn’t hide
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EST Gee - Ice Talk feat. 42 Dugg (Official Music Video) Lyrics (*.LRC)

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