Dope D.O.D. - Master Xploder ft. Teddy Killerz (Official Video) Lyrics (*.LRC)

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Singer: Dope D.O.D. | Song: Master Xploder ft. Teddy Killerz (Official Video)

Dope D.O.D. - Master Xploder ft. Teddy Killerz (Official Video) Lyrics (.LRC)

[00:25.04]Hip hop hooligan, I never went back to school again
[00:28.94]When I figured how to use the pen
[00:30.84]On the path of revenge, on the loose again
[00:33.04]Rollin' 20 deep with my Ghost Town bully clan
[00:35.94]Who I am? You may call me the boogeyman
[00:38.64]And if ya*****is fat, we can do a dance
[00:41.54]Teddy Killerz steady kill it in the mix
[00:43.64]Wicked with the lyric ****, you know I never miss
[00:46.24]I ran into a million dumb people in the biz
[00:48.94]They said I rap too evil, but now I'm gettin' rich
[00:51.84]I don't give a **** though, kick it like a schizo
[00:54.74]Another horrorcore banger for your disco
[00:57.34]You think you're in the clouds, I will take you higher
[01:00.24]Sound like a got a throat full of razor wire
[01:02.44](It's) Time to get dough, ( It's) time to explode
[01:05.54]How the rest goes, you can ask ****
[01:07.84]Rotten representin', raisin' tension
[01:10.24]Nobody in your damn crew's worth the ******' mention
[01:12.94]You're doin' quite well, it's an intervention
[01:15.64]Kill 'em all off, it's just wackness prevention
[01:18.34]Centre of attention, mow 'em all down, don't make no exceptions
[01:22.44]Don't really care 'bout the house of correction
[01:25.14]My fam right here don't need no protection, pay attention
[01:29.54]No objections, it's time for redemption
[01:31.84]Out for perfection, I'm gunnin' like Texans
[01:34.24]Didn't see ya comin', ace in deception
[01:36.94]Push this whole thing to another direction
[01:39.64]Explosives, I've got a whole collection
[01:42.34]I'll make sure you'll get a warm reception
[01:45.24]You unaware, incoming detecting
[01:47.54]The Master Xploder's blowin' up your section
[01:50.14](still droppin' the bomb once again now...)
[02:03.54]What up is, I got some rough **** for you ****as
[02:06.24]**** the police, never talk rubbish
[02:09.04]****erfly knives, comin' for your stomach
[02:11.54]The GOAT ***** runnin', the **** ***** runnin'
[02:14.24]I want 5 hundred ************* million
[02:16.94]It's that or your children, blow up the building
[02:19.54]Now hands to the ceiling and ***** we ain't kiddin nah
[02:22.34]The way we livin' there's no ***** to be given nah
[02:25.44]Puff loud even better than Cheech
[02:27.44]Then I preach like a ************* Cherokee Chief
[02:29.94]I got reach from the streets to the Pelican Beach
[02:32.64]We got beats that'll breach through you **********creeps
[02:35.34]So what's good *****, test me I wish you would *****
[02:38.64]**** D.O.D. you misunderstood *****
[02:41.34]So cut the crap cause I'm colder than Cola
[02:43.54]Better than Hova, (Who?) Master Xploder
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Dope D.O.D. - Master Xploder ft. Teddy Killerz (Official Video) Lyrics (*.LRC)

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