BirdMan - 100 Rounds feat. NBA YoungBoy (music video) Lyrics (*.LRC)

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Singer: BirdMan | Song: 100 Rounds feat. NBA YoungBoy (music video)

BirdMan - 100 Rounds feat. NBA YoungBoy (music video) Lyrics (.LRC)

[00:12.10]My momma put it in my head, I can't get stalked
[00:14.90]My ***** drill it in my head, I can't die broke
[00:17.20]I stood outside the door
[00:18.50]Right there when Terrell stuck up the store
[00:20.30]I'm in that North, they know
[00:21.40]Where them youngins totin' poles
[00:22.50]I'm tryna make sure they strong
[00:23.70]Size me up (Size me up)
[00:24.60]Guarantee times get hard, *****
[00:26.50]So we risin' up (So we risin' up), uptown fly ***** (Uptown, *****)
[00:29.50]My diamonds up (Diamonds up), and we piped it up (And we piped it up)
[00:32.50]It ain't no slidin', when we walk ******, we right in there (Bah)
[00:35.20]Pass the torch to my lil' ******, we high as **** (We high as ****)
[00:38.30]Fake paper, *****, no talkin', talkin', we chalk 'em up (Chalk 'em up)
[00:41.40]Old school in a old-school, we''ll light it up (Light it up)
[00:44.50]Real rich *****, we rip ****, we **** it up (We **** it up)
[00:47.60]Look, we gon' bang it out in this stolo in this ***** wit' a hundred rounds
[00:50.40]Or we can meet up in that city where they knocked the projects down
[00:53.40]I don't do no talkin', I don't do no runnin', *****
[00:55.10]Talkin' safe and sound
[00:56.30]Four deep, we been blockin' 'round here all day
[00:58.00]Think he safe until he found
[00:59.20]What you spent on that Maybach truck?
[01:00.80]Two fifty on the ease, lil' ***** (On the ease, lil' *****)
[01:02.60]Two fifty on that Bentley with them wheels, lil' ***** (Wheel, lil' *****)
[01:05.20]Sideways for them suicide my doors, my ***** (My doors, my *****)
[01:08.30]Always been down for that drill, my ***** (For that drill, my *****)
[01:11.40]Been a fish in that water (Been a fish), a shark in that field (Shark in the field)
[01:14.40]Uptown ***** (Uptown), where it's kill or be killed (Kill or be killed)
[01:17.30]Been known to kill (Known to kill), just a big money spender (Big money, *****)
[01:20.60]Iced up, lit up, marble floors, ***** (Marble floors, *****)
[01:23.70]Poppin' the bottles, been in the hard field, ***** (The hard field)
[01:26.60]Been in the pen', *****, we real deal, ***** (Real deal)
[01:29.90]Hold on, focused but can't stay off pills
[01:31.20]All he know is kill-kill
[01:32.60]Face too known, I'ma get mans down
[01:34.10]Me and Josh while we doin' that drill
[01:35.60]Seventy for that Audemar and this ***** here stainless steel
[01:38.30]All black Maybach, need another car
[01:40.20]Ain't drive that ***** in at least a year
[01:41.50]Daddy caught over fifty years
[01:43.00]Vaughn locked up, got another five
[01:44.50]Told them ****** that this my ******' year
[01:46.10]Thirteen whips, need another ride
[01:47.40]I just copped a place in Utah
[01:49.00]Need another spot for to ease my mind
[01:50.50]Need another ***** for to get me right
[01:52.00]'Cause the one I'm with tryna slime a slime
[01:53.40]Got dressed, jumped in that Tesla
[01:54.90]Lit that **** up and it smell like pine
[01:56.40]In this ***** with beaucoup felons
[01:57.70]For that charge, can't minimize that time
[01:59.30]Rolls-Royce truck all red inside
[02:01.00]Range Rover truck when I'm on Westheimer
[02:02.50]Two hundred for that Patek, I'm timeless
[02:04.10]MG9, Herm and who that be there slimin'
[02:05.60]Styrofoam flow, I'm a sip on ****
[02:07.10]Christopher, my OG, that's common
[02:08.60]Stimilize my mind, back to back I smoke
[02:10.00]Lil Top, *****, I got plenty bodies
[02:11.70]Yeah, this ******' hour, ******'
[02:15.10]Top, Stunnaman
[02:17.90]You know miles man, Beezy
[02:20.40]B.R and N.O
[02:22.70]From the Bayou
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BirdMan - 100 Rounds feat. NBA YoungBoy (music video) Lyrics (*.LRC)

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