BigWalkDog - Son Of A Gun (Official Music Video) Lyrics (*.LRC)

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Singer: BigWalkDog | Song: Son Of A Gun (Official Music Video)

BigWalkDog - Son Of A Gun (Official Music Video) Lyrics (.LRC)

[00:26.50]Hellcat out through traffic, windin', clappin', I can't creep in this
[00:29.70]Label told me, "Stay out up of these streets 'cause it's a different risk" (Pooh Shiesty)
[00:33.00]What you know 'bout right before your eyes and all these people switch?
[00:36.40]Mama pray for better day, but mama know I keep a Glizzy
[00:39.70]We beat him senseless if he think 'bout disrespecting
[00:43.20]Ain't nobody checking
[00:44.00]You see blood on all these nеcklaces
[00:45.80]J go shoot, I said to pick him off, forever nеxt to him
[00:49.30]Word from me protecting him, but now he shootin' out the gym
[00:52.60]Play with this, yo' chance too slim
[00:54.30]Ain't no saving you from them
[00:55.90]Draco knock chunks out of limb
[00:57.60]Wafi gave my collar, chill
[00:59.20]Even die for dollar bills
[01:00.80]Put my heart up in this pill
[01:02.40]Let my soul die in the field
[01:04.10]I get scoped by fake or real
[01:05.80]And I'ma keep this **** a mil'
[01:07.40]You show a gun, you ain't gon' live
[01:09.10]And I'ma keep this **** a bill'
[01:10.80]Two hand to hold 'em swtichin' still (Brrt)
[01:12.60]So much commotion where I live that we control the way I feel
[01:16.00]I want you gone, that how it is, could be today, but soon it will
[01:19.30]You gotta play for keeps, my lil' ***** out on bond
[01:22.30]Slidin', facin' first degree
[01:23.80]Ain't this off the law handshakes and hoes, he do the dirt for free
[01:27.20]And he walk 'em down without a mask so they'll know he street
[01:30.50]And he told me, "WalkDog, I just want them people notice me"
[01:33.80]Unprescriptioned bottle, Perky on, I feel like Otis P (Amen)
[01:37.20]I just pulled two fours inside a soda, still can't go to sleep
[01:40.50]Hit the club, we twenty deep
[01:42.10]Not twenty guys, but twenty hitters
[01:43.90]****** clown, they funny people, I swear this **** can turn you evil
[01:47.30]Your ***** see this ice, she know the price, it make her wanna leave ya
[01:50.60]I just pulled a star up on my state, I ain't get a thank you neither (Star)
[01:54.20]If you see the envy in they eyes, then they ain't your people
[01:57.20]If you see a diss, I send a blitz, your song won't get a sequel
[02:00.60]I don't trust nobody, came through slappin', I don't talk to people
[02:03.80]Can't play at my show, we stay on go, this chopper sound like speaker
[02:07.20]All these ****** hoes, so built to fold, and I won't do no feature
[02:10.60]Rollie cost a fifty, really sixty, please don't do no reasoning
[02:14.00]If they can't get away with what they said, they better go out swingin'
[02:17.20]Before I let my mama cry a river, leave your family grieving
[02:20.70]I just had a son, so I told gum my baby finally teething
[02:23.90]And I know they gon' slide, so I be quiet, I know they'll never leave me (My mama)
[02:27.40]Misses get complete, you see my reach, my waistband different region
[02:30.70]I ain't hear a word when I was broke, now everybody speakin'
[02:33.80]Nobody need nobody, fly right by me, everybody need me
[02:37.20]You really a rat, we know you cap, I get you stepped on easy
[02:40.50]Thirty and some chains, that Johnny Dang, that's why I'm studded cheesin'
[02:43.80]I just play it cool, go with your moves so I can have a reason
[02:47.10]***** threw some water at my show, they say he barley breathin'
[02:50.60]Blew up out the blue, them people knew, but they had ****** seen him
[02:57.10]Blew up out the blue, them people knew, but they had ****** seen him
[03:03.80]***** threw some water at my show, they say he barley breathin'
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BigWalkDog - Son Of A Gun (Official Music Video) Lyrics (*.LRC)

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