BLACKPINK RED VELVET TWICE - Whistle Ice Cream Lyrics (*.LRC)

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Singer: BLACKPINK RED VELVET TWICE | Song: Whistle Ice Cream

BLACKPINK RED VELVET TWICE - Whistle Ice Cream Lyrics (.LRC)

[00:19.84]You're so beautiful, I can't forget you
[00:24.10]Your eyes still makes my heart flutter, boom boom
[00:29.42]24/365, I only wanna be with you
[00:34.16]During the day and night, I want you like this, ooh ooh
[00:38.46]Pops melt inside my mouth and it's falling down
[00:40.36]Heavily clothed, it's melting inside and I thought it'd fall down
[00:42.72]Baby boy, other guys don't know anything
[00:45.20]Say you're so fine and I'll chose clothes that won't splash
[00:47.74]Never get me wrong my boo, I have no interest in that bag
[00:50.04]From boring Monday to Wednesday, and Thursday? Man, I wanna pass
[00:52.48]Your gaze looking at me, see some good vibe
[00:54.52]When my eyes meets yours it's a good feeling
[00:57.92]Oh, I'm sorry for not answering
[01:00.60]I was with a friend, shy shy shy
[01:02.84]I can't see you right now, sorry
[01:05.46]I'll call you later
[01:07.10]Don't urge me, it won't take long
[01:09.56]And I'll let you call me, baby
[01:11.82]Now's not the time, it's too early
[01:14.34]But show me a bit more
[01:16.28]Give it to me, that sweet ice****** cake
[01:19.12]That taste that fits with today that will be special
[01:21.52]On the ice****** that will stain in my lips
[01:23.80]Your heart palpitate and you'll come to me (Whistle whistle whistle)
[01:26.34]It's so tasty (Huh)
[01:28.72]Come and chase me (Whistle whistle whistle)
[01:31.16]I can't endure
[01:33.36]I scream, you scream, gimme that, gimme that--
[01:35.30]Hold up
[01:36.04]I can just hear your anxious voice
[01:38.34]I can just see your phone covered in sweat
[01:40.78]Answering right away is no fun
[01:43.16]I read your messages but ignore your calls
[01:45.52]Uhh, maybe I went too far boy
[01:47.88]Worried I might tire out your patience
[01:50.38]Uhh, but if I don't, I might fall for you deeper
[01:53.92]Fall for you deeper
[01:55.34]Every boy checks me out everyday
[01:57.56]They all think they can get me
[01:59.78]I don't want a lot of things, I want your heart
[02:02.86]Cut out your heart and show me, Confidently, sometimes chic chic
[02:06.86]So*****so hot, make me not know what to do
[02:09.86]Softly call out to me like a whistle in my ear
[02:14.20]Oh, on a holiday where there's dazzling sunshine
[02:16.70]I wear a beautiful pure white one-piece, oh
[02:19.06]I left home and the humming started
[02:21.96](La la lalala, Lala lala)
[02:23.92]Look at me, lay your soul and look at me again
[02:26.02]That moment when your heart will get captured, oh
[02:28.86]Trembling voice and the repeating sound of your heart
[02:31.38]The sparkling sound of the bells are ringing again
[02:33.66]Cheer up, baby! Cheer up. baby!
[02:35.88]Give it a little more
[02:37.88]A girl shouldn't give her heart away so easily
[02:40.20]That will make you want me more (Whistle whistle whistle)
[02:43.24]I'll act like I don't care
[02:46.92](Whistle whistle whistle)
[02:47.90]So you don't notice my feelings for you
[02:50.00]Just get it together, and then baby Cheer up!
[02:53.62](This beat got me fellin' like)
[02:55.10]I hope we won't just pass by like the wind
[03:04.80]No need for many words
[03:09.48]Just take me to your side
[03:11.96]Ooh, ooh, ooh~
[03:14.22]Whistle, uh
[03:17.60]Whistle whistle whistle
[03:19.76](Can you hear that?) Whistle whistle whistle
[03:22.80](Gimme that, gimme that) Whistle, uh
[03:26.14](I scream you scream) Whistle whistle whistle
[03:29.46](Can you hear that?)
[03:30.80]I scream you scream Gimme that, gimme that--
[03:33.00]Cheer up!
[03:33.68]Be a man, a real man (Make 'em whistle like a missile, boom boom)
[03:38.06]Be a man, a real man (Every time I show up, blow up huh)
[03:43.02]Be a man, a real man (Make 'em whistle like a missile, boom boom)
[03:47.72]Be a man, a real man (Every time I show up, blow up huh)
[03:53.32](La la lalala, Lala lala)
[03:54.86]Make 'em whistle like a missile, boom boom (La la lalala, Lala lala)
[03:57.58](La la lalala, Lala lala)
[03:59.42]Every time I show up, blow up huh (La la lalala, Lala lala)
[04:02.38](La la lalala, Lala lala)
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BLACKPINK RED VELVET TWICE - Whistle Ice Cream Lyrics (*.LRC)

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