BIG30 - Protest (Official Music Video) Lyrics (*.LRC)

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Singer: BIG30 | Song: Protest (Official Music Video)

BIG30 - Protest (Official Music Video) Lyrics (.LRC)

[00:00.50]-See I'll really get on some
[00:00.50]**** everybody **** ***** any ***** can get it *****
[00:04.17]I don't wanna hear **** *****
[00:05.42]I don't wanna talk, I ain't never wanna talk *****
[00:07.30]And you know we stand on all 10, step with a motor *****
[00:10.05]Know I'll feet hurt *****, free my *****, blrrrd blrrrd
[00:14.14]A blrrrd
[00:15.31]Them membas ain't ducking no wreck (no wreck)
[00:17.48]Ain't no way you looking for me
[00:19.19]Catch me where ya hoe at (hoe at)
[00:21.06]40 Bottles sent to my section
[00:23.02]That got ya hoe wet
[00:24.57]And that's just to pop **** while I sip wock po' out the moet
[00:28.28]A where that **** at
[00:29.90]I been that ***** back in school
[00:31.53]****** my teacher at vo-tech
[00:33.28]Don't give no **** about no hoe
[00:35.16]Nod off quick and I slow text
[00:36.100]Can't just say you my ***** first the hoe gotta pass the throat test
[00:40.54]Steady screaming free shiesty like I'm tryna start a protest
[00:43.92]Don't try me I come from that block
[00:45.71]Hey my name big30 but I tote nun less than 60 shots
[00:49.51]I just hit'em with the switch don't touch that boy that glizzy hot
[00:53.05]Caught a back shot from that drac know them 6.2's left that boy ****y hot
[00:56.52]Po'd a 8 with uncle dre
[00:58.14]But I call that boy uncle drank
[01:00.06]Bought all the bape in the sto' cause I buy a pint everyday
[01:03.65]What's a hunnid' racks times 30 the answer in my bank
[01:07.19]Ain't never need a gang just to turn up by myself ima crank
[01:10.74]A, blrrrd, by myself ima crank
[01:14.70]Ain't never needed gang for **** by myself ima blank
[01:18.16]***** say I'm a walking **** try ya luck with a tank
[01:21.46]Cause ima blow that's off the rip turn yo*****to some dank
[01:25.25]Hit a ***** block walk down on a *****
[01:26.63]Big .308 put a switch on a nickel
[01:28.63]And I be on the block with them pounds dismiss'em
[01:30.17]20 Racks on ya head big30 gonna get him
[01:32.05]A whole lot of money and a whole lot of killas
[01:33.80]A whole lot of bodies big nuts big pistol
[01:35.55]Turn'em to a pack throw the gun in the river
[01:37.22]Add a ***** to the sco' that was us we kilt'em
[01:39.31]***** we trap hard we ain't doing no fraud
[01:40.85]Crack me a 4 fo' I crack me a card
[01:42.73]Shiesty on the way and he coming out hard
[01:44.44]***** play crazy and he back on the yard
[01:46.23]Free murda murda he rocking the pod
[01:48.02]Shank in his draw so it's shots in the pod
[01:49.82]Got a choppa that's louder than nene but that hoe the same size as lil rod
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BIG30 - Protest (Official Music Video) Lyrics (*.LRC)

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