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Singer: Anitta | Song: Boys Don't Cry (Behind The Scenes)

Anitta - Boys Don't Cry (Behind The Scenes) Lyrics (.LRC) Advanced

[00:02.67]Hey. Do you hear me?
[00:05.08]Yeah! This is Christian. This is Anitta.
[00:09.79]Hi Christian, how you doing?
[00:12.29]I'm doing good men!
[00:13.33]I'm just impressd on your
[00:15.46]Your creative brain
[00:17.25]In writting this treatments, it's beautiful.
[00:20.46]Do you wanna be a director on my company?
[00:35.58]In this video, particularly
[00:38.00]I had, whenever I was cutting the song
[00:40.88]I had everything in my mind.
[00:43.54]Super clear in my mind
[00:45.92]And I just want the whole thing
[00:49.46]To look like a movie,
[00:51.38]But at th same time Pop.
[00:54.92]This video music
[00:55.96]I thought about different scenes of movies
[00:57.92]Obviously we are gonna kee the same aesthetics
[01:00.42]The same visual, but the scene, the actions
[01:04.75]In the scene are gonna be the same.
[01:07.38]I thought about this zombie movies
[01:10.33]I love zombie movies.
[01:12.21]And this beginning them, like, running after me
[01:15.50]Like they are desperate to bring me back
[01:18.50]To their lives
[01:19.96]And I am desperate to run away
[01:21.88]That's very like about
[01:24.00]My personal love life.
[01:27.12]In the beginning we wil just gonna see this guys
[01:29.50]Running, I am running and then the flashes
[01:34.25]And then we go out
[01:36.75]And it's in that television that I am watching.
[01:41.29]And that's more of like
[01:42.62]Sound design, cinematic
[01:44.29]Little movie intro.
[01:48.46]And I though
[01:49.04]"I'm on the sofa by myself"
[01:50.46]And then whenever I say "Alone"
[01:52.88]Then the ****gets in
[01:54.62]He sits on the sofa with me
[01:55.92]And I start lip syncing
[02:05.50]And whenever the second kinda part comes
[02:07.62]Which is 'In you feelings'
[02:09.08]And I see myself in this hallway
[02:12.08]Singing in this house.
[02:19.58]We're gonna start the Harry Potter thing, with the letters
[02:22.46]Coming from the access, being like
[02:25.25]"I want you back"
[02:26.12]And I'll be running away from the letters
[02:28.38]The way
[02:29.88]The uncle and the aunt from Harry Potter
[02:32.21]They are desperate about the ******* letter
[02:34.58]And they become crazy
[02:36.33]And I though about this scene with me, like
[02:37.83]Here, being suffocated by the letters, you know?
[02:42.79]What's going to be, like, to build up the drama
[02:45.54]We see one coming, and then like
[02:48.12]Maybe is like, you open the door
[02:50.38]And they are like, pilling out one door
[02:52.17]You try to shut it
[02:53.12]And then...
[02:53.58]From the fridge, build the thing, like
[03:12.00]As I see in 'Beetlejuice'
[03:13.42]She's always like, with this crazy outfit
[03:15.83]And nothing is just plain.
[03:17.83]But then, the whlole styling
[03:19.83]And the whole colours
[03:20.92]And the whole photography is so different
[03:23.79]That we get like: "Oh my God, this is Pop, but Punk"
[03:27.83]"But horror and dark at the same time"
[03:30.33]Which is amazing that
[03:33.88]Tim Burton does.
[03:35.38]I really like that.
[03:46.67]And then I though about the Titanic
[03:49.71]Action, which is
[03:51.00]Me getting ready for the wedding, you know?
[03:53.67]And with this woman like, tying my corset.
[04:04.67]OK! Perfect!
[04:06.38]The party I though about Punk and Rock party
[04:13.75]From the 90's
[04:15.38]Like graffiti, some lighting
[04:17.38]Kinda like, just like very useful feeling
[04:21.29]The red cups, all of that stuff.
[04:25.75]And then suddenly: BOOM!
[04:27.79]You listening to my thoughts here
[04:29.46]So is everything dark here.
[04:46.79]You sent this record to write my own ideas.
[04:48.54]And I guarantee I'm not coming up with
[04:50.83]What you came up with.
[04:51.79]So, that's fun.
[04:53.54]Amazing, amazing! Let's have fun!
[04:55.79]Thank you so much for your time.
[04:57.25]Thank you! Thank you!
[05:21.75]And my new song ‘Boys Don't Cry' is coming up next.
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Anitta - Boys Don't Cry (Behind The Scenes) Lyrics advanced (*.LRC)

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