67 - Before Tour (Official Video) Lyrics (*.LRC)

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Singer: 67 | Song: Before Tour (Official Video)

67 - Before Tour (Official Video) Lyrics (.LRC)

[00:00.00]by RentAnAdviser.com
[00:26.90]I got beef with the law
[00:29.30]I used to step with swords
[00:30.20]Now we*****step with the 4s
[00:32.30]Any estate, do a little tour
[00:34.20]Fire off corn and show man war
[00:35.80]Too much pos so we score
[00:37.00]So how you gonna talk about scores when you’re running from war
[00:39.30]I’m running from jail, sales and caught
[00:40.90]More way trips, **** skrt skrt skrt
[00:42.50]******* **** with bro
[00:43.30]Had the whip in sport
[00:44.30]Nuff peng tings, wanna do me
[00:46.00]They don’t wanna do me and gang on tour
[00:47.60]Love 35, straight to the lung
[00:49.60]Like brodie what is the draw
[00:51.00]He got wacked, he got chinged
[00:52.60]So how these punks gon talk about scores
[00:54.30]****** chat 'til the papers write on papers
[00:56.60]With season statements
[00:57.90]I was with J, more way trips
[00:59.50]And he got his face in the papers
[01:01.00]More time I got mind on the papers
[01:02.80]Chasing Elizabeth’s faces
[01:04.50]They had me on trial for knifings and violence
[01:05.90]But I thank Allah for busting those cases
[01:08.20]67 my brodies
[01:09.90]Bang corn for my homies
[01:11.20]Talking stick gun wan show me
[01:13.00]The man there fibbing they phonies
[01:14.70]Man a man step, get it correct
[01:16.40]On point shots like Kobe
[01:18.10]Fill up the 4s, lurk on your block
[01:19.80]You can end up with your homie
[01:21.30]Put smoke on the roads with bro
[01:23.60]Pull up, bow, bow
[01:24.90]They thought ma was gonna say yo
[01:27.00]Talking guns and ****s
[01:28.00]You ain’t got no Ps for a poke
[01:30.40]Talking guns and ****s
[01:31.40]You ain’t got no Ps for a poke
[01:33.70]Jugging, jugging all I know
[01:35.40]Mummy said you can’t be broke
[01:36.70]So I’m brucking bricks down with bro
[01:38.80]Guns, money, ****s
[01:40.10]Yeah man do that **** on the road
[01:42.10]Free Skeng and Jigga J
[01:43.50]Man can’t wait ’til they home
[01:45.40]Fill the mash to the dome
[01:47.20]Rolling round with some*****heads
[01:48.90]Finger itching, they blow
[01:50.60]Skengs out on any block
[01:52.10]Bro Milly Rock like Mayno
[01:54.00]Do a drill, take my shoes off
[01:55.70]******** I smoke ****
[01:57.30]Man I really trust a soul
[01:58.60]If you're bro, I ain't ******** that po
[02:02.00]44 donkey kicking
[02:04.60]Sound that drum, you can hold this rhythm
[02:07.40]Put*****s in your coat and your hat
[02:08.40]If you’re caught slippin’
[02:09.60]Serious drillings
[02:10.90]T house living, crack rocks dishing
[02:12.90]Tryna make me a *******
[02:14.20]Cheff man up when that rambo’s out
[02:16.50]**** blood spilling
[02:17.60]Free Benny that’s bro
[02:18.80]When he’s home, back to the pyrex whipping
[02:21.10]The opps don’t come to the hill
[02:22.60]They say they do but they fibbing
[02:24.30]Come to my block
[02:25.70]**** gunshots, could be dippings
[02:29.00]Fill the skeng out with hollows
[02:31.50]No one’s on the drive
[02:33.10]Then we skrt round one know
[02:34.10]Then make that crash, them man dash
[02:36.10]Stones come fat like Rocko
[02:39.70]Stone come fat like Rocko
[02:42.90]Amm buds man bill it
[02:44.70]I don’t wanna hit your loud
[02:45.90]That spliff tastes insigish
[02:48.40]Peng lighty thickish
[02:49.70]***** style when I hit it
[02:51.80]Make bands in the trap
[02:53.00]From the pack that I’m flipping
[02:54.50]Running man trap for the figures
[02:58.10]I told momma I wanna live healthy
[02:59.50]Don’t phone late, that’s the time that I’m jogging
[03:01.60]Really don’t when man jogging
[03:03.40]Two Ls up tryna spot him
[03:05.00]This gun rude like Loski
[03:06.60]And the corn had him Kennington bopping
[03:08.40]67 don’t bang, they’re all moist
[03:10.60]They do music
[03:11.50]You stupid boy, you confused it
[03:13.20]Gonna have me out, tryna prove it
[03:15.20]Dutty ped with the dutty 4
[03:16.60]Tryna shoot hearts like I’m cupid
[03:18.40]Cause I told my environment
[03:19.90]See the savage life I didn’t choose it
[03:21.80]You say you’re a driller, show me
[03:23.50]Big gun got me feeling like Tony
[03:25.20]None of them killed your friend
[03:26.60]I gotta shout Insie still phone me
[03:28.60]**** man act like they know me
[03:30.10]You can’t ****** my hand
[03:31.00]You don’t know me
[03:32.10]Peng tings loving the gang
[03:33.00]How the **** could a ***** like me get lonely
[03:35.30]It’s mad how we **** up the music ting
[03:36.90]And we still do bootings ****
[03:38.60]If we want you to know who did it
[03:40.30]Then why would we hide our face
[03:42.10]Drill up estates, drill up estates
[03:43.80]Then I go do goals with bae
[03:45.50]Man drill up estates, drill up estates
[03:47.10]Then I go and do goals with bae
[03:50.00]Still pull up in a whip
[03:51.40]Big 357 on my hip
[03:53.00]Live corn in my clip, got 6
[03:54.60]Redrum when my paigon slips
[03:56.00]And them man know that we take trips
[03:57.80]And I’ll bang down from his head to his hip
[03:59.50]I always got something ****** don’t slip
[04:01.00]Why the **** would I talk when my gun do hits
[04:03.20]Gang yeah we lurk with things
[04:04.70]But touring all my opps, they ain’t on ****
[04:06.50]So why did they talk like this
[04:08.10]Keep talking, see the gun that I grip
[04:09.80]Yeah you can get shot by it
[04:11.60]And I ain’t gonna stop ’til all of them drop
[04:13.20]So ****** already know they’re ******
[04:14.90]Yeah ****** already know they’re ******
[04:17.10]This skeng’s*****like cage
[04:18.50]Scribz’s skeng’s*****like birdie
[04:20.60]Still lurk on your block with a big 44
[04:22.60]That’s certi
[04:24.00]And then I win suttin’
[04:25.20]Then that skeng there turned dirty
[04:27.20]But I still kick it out there on the next day
[04:28.80]Tryna do man dirty
[04:31.20]by RentAnAdviser.com
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67 - Before Tour (Official Video) Lyrics (*.LRC)

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