2 Chainz - Bounce (Explicit) ft. Lil Wayne Lyrics (*.LRC)

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Singer: 2 Chainz | Song: Bounce (Explicit) ft. Lil Wayne

2 Chainz - Bounce (Explicit) ft. Lil Wayne Lyrics (.LRC)

[00:09.17]3 Chainz, oww.
[00:12.57]Caught up in my bull****, put your head on backwards,
[00:15.17]And skate off after, engage in laughter 'bout what just happened,
[00:18.10]Fingers and napkins get sent to mammies; is that too graphic?
[00:21.03]Catch you in traffic, you sitting daffy like stealing candy,
[00:24.03]My ceiling's absent, my wheels are massive, my friends assassins,
[00:27.17]All of us ********, our mothers queens and our ***** dancers,
[00:30.03]My rivers rapid, my fins are splashin', my gills are flappin',
[00:33.03]I bend some matches, then sip some gas and went kissed a dragon.
[00:36.03]I'm really rappin', I'm finger snappin', I'm pistol packin',
[00:39.17]Y'all ****** slippin', my swag is drippin', so here's a napkin.
[00:42.03]What's really happnin' bro?
[00:43.23]Verbal attackin', I'm showing passion,
[00:45.03]Know what I mean, see I'm the king like I'm from akron.
[00:48.03]I'm going overboard, somebody call the captain,
[00:51.07]And when it come to getting checks, I always want the fat ones.
[00:54.17]I'm so high I can sing to a chandelier,
[00:57.07]My flow a glass of ace of spade and yours a can of beer.
[00:59.70]Too many *******, too many blunts, too many *******,
[01:03.03]Not enough bullets, them ****** buggin', the squad is comin'.
[01:05.73]A.k. On shoulder, no shoulder shruggin', aim at ya nugget,
[01:08.73]My weed sticky like acupuncture and magnus honey.
[01:12.03]Knock on the side door three times and have your money,
[01:14.73]Or get to steppin' like kappas stompin', I'll slap a junkie.
[01:18.03]I'm having lunch with italian sonny, don't ask the subject,
[01:21.03]Lord why you took rabbit from me, he say don't ask me nothing.
[01:23.73]Too many bodies, too many bangers, too many bundles,
[01:26.73]Not enough bullets, these ****** buggin', I heard they stung you.
[01:30.03]It's gon' be trouble, we come through and catch you while you cuddle,
[01:32.77]Them shotgun barrels like tunnels *****, don't even mumble.
[01:36.03]I'm back to ballin', I'm in the back full of magnums only,
[01:39.03]Pull on the scene and I **** your queen playing pastor troy.
[01:42.03]Are we ready, turkey spaghetti and castrol oil,
[01:45.07]That's codeine turn your guillotine to a fashion show,
[01:48.03]In 4 minutes I'll turn this into forensics in a foreign car with a foreign broad
[01:52.50]That's long winded, paper long, and you taking long, you just don't get it.
[01:56.37]Hung the phone up and ***** want a song with me,
[01:59.50]Hotter than mississippi in summer of 1950s,
[02:02.63]In a van full of some ****** and white *******,
[02:05.70]Get pulled over for swervin' like "hi, officer,"
[02:08.70]When he ask me why I was swerving, "I'm, high officer."
[02:11.60]I can make it bounce by myself.
[02:14.63]I can make it bounce by myself.
[02:17.60]I can make it bounce by myself.
[02:20.37]I can make it bounce by myself. (Okaaaay)
[02:23.60]I can make it bounce by myself.
[02:26.33]I can make it bounce by myself.
[02:29.47]I can make it bounce by myself.
[02:32.30]I can make it bounce by myself.
[02:36.17]Got a mansion, a condo, a cabin, I sleep in my phantom,
[02:38.70]So high dancing with the stars to the star spangled banner,
[02:41.70]I change your channel, I change your pattern, I ring your saturn,
[02:44.70]I your madam, she get on top and I shake the ladder,
[02:47.73]I make her straddle then gather and calculate the data,
[02:50.73]I listen up for the snakes or the baby rattle,
[02:53.70]I play the shadows, don't play no games, I straight get at 'em,
[02:56.70]I'm on the chronic all day like it's my favorite album.
[02:59.73]A plate of salmon, the cayman islands, a *****per dancer,
[03:02.77]If I don't get the car first, I'll have a temper tantrum.
[03:05.77]I'm innovative, I demonstrated, this nickel plated,
[03:08.63]I don't care if you owe me a nick, ***** you need to pay me.
[03:11.70]I kiss ya lady, eat her *****, then kiss the baby,
[03:14.73]Get situated, get keys off table, then leave her 80.
[03:17.70]I really made it, get it maid, schwarzenegger,
[03:20.73]Won't wrestle ******, I spatula all you action figures.
[03:24.03]I'm so high the blunt feel like a dumbbell,
[03:26.70]These ****** tiny like a spider on a spud webb,
[03:29.77]I got some upscale ******* on my thumbnail,
[03:32.63]I feed it to my fun girls, they say **** yeah.
[03:35.43]I'm doing this **** like whatever,
[03:37.07]When I go I'mma leave for the better,
[03:38.37]I told her you dig like a shovel,
[03:39.73]I want a ferrari in yellow,
[03:41.30]Just so I can match all my yellow *******,
[03:43.17]I been a playa since elementary,
[03:44.60]I got more bars than a penitentiary,
[03:46.17]I got a that hang several inches.
[03:47.63]I can make it bounce by myself.
[03:50.43]I can make it bounce by myself.
[03:53.37]I can make it bounce by myself.
[03:56.30]I can make it bounce by myself. (Okaaaay)
[03:59.57]I can make it bounce by myself.
[04:02.20]I can make it bounce by myself.
[04:05.47]I can make it bounce by myself.
[04:08.23]I can make it bounce by myself.
[04:16.63](Lil wayne ******* 'a milli') I'm a millionaire
[04:18.40]I'm a young money millionaire, tougher than nigerian hair
[04:22.43]My criteria compared to your career just isn't fair
[04:25.43]I'm a venereal disease like a ********* bleed
[04:28.30]Threw the pencil and leak on the sheet of the tablet in my mind
[04:31.77]Cause I don't write **** cause I ain't got time
[04:36.57]Let's go!
[04:38.47]Let's go!
[04:42.03]All my ****** with me
[04:44.20]All my ****** with it
[04:46.03]All my ****** ballin'
[04:47.60]All my ****** athletic
[04:49.50]All my ****** a1
[04:51.33]All got street cred
[04:53.30]All my ****** ballin'
[04:55.03]All my ****** athletic
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2 Chainz - Bounce (Explicit) ft. Lil Wayne Lyrics (*.LRC)

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