Protect your data & files on cloud servers like Google Drive and Dropbox

Protect your data & files on cloud servers like Google Drive and Dropbox

Cloud Secure

What is Cloud Secure?

Afraid that your Cloud account isn’t secured as it should be? Fear not, we’ve got you covered. To maintain Cloud Security like never before, you can password protect your Cloud account on your PC, not just web! This software helps you to Lock Dropbox and Lock Google Drive and much more!

  • Lock Dropbox, Google Drive etc. on PC
  • Compatible with the latest versions of Windows
  • Access your files in protected view
  • Syncing while locked
  • Lock multiple Cloud accounts
  • Cloud Security on PC as well as the web


Manage all Cloud Accounts

Cloud Secure helps you to easily manage security on all cloud accounts simultaneously; requiring zero effort on your side to keep your data secured. All supported cloud services are locked on your PC automatically and you can view and access your cloud accounts on PC from just one interface.


Seamless Syncing

Cloud Secure continues to sync your files and folders while your cloud account is locked. This helps you keep your files away from prying eyes without interfering with the syncing of your files in background. This is essential as you don’t need to unlock the cloud account to begin syncing. Everything is seamless.

Password Protected Interface

Cloud Secure can give you the access to all cloud accounts from a single interface. You can’t view the accounts without a correct password. This means that you can share you PC with anyone without the risk of data loss, deletion or modification.

Prevent Stealing and Deletion

Cloud Secure restricts the access of your files from the prying eyes from stealing your data and protects your data from being deleted without your consent. This means that your files and folders are well protected and gives you a complete peace of mind.