ripe (s):
far along in time
a man of advanced age.
advanced in years.
a ripe old age.
the ripe age of 90
ripe (s):
at the highest point of development especially in judgment or knowledge
a ripe mind
ripe (a):
fully developed or matured and ready to be eaten or used
ripe peaches.
full-bodied mature wines

Related Words: mature
ripe (s):
most suitable or right for a particular purpose
a good time to plant tomatoes.
the right time to act.
the time is ripe for great sociological changes

Related Word: good
ripe (s):
fully prepared or eager
the colonists were ripe for revolution
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Gerçekleri sakınmadan söylemek, dobra dobra söylemek.
Speak frankly and directly, often about embarrassing or unpleasant subjects; an informal expression.

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