repeat (n):
an event that repeats
the events today were a repeat of yesterday's
Related Words: repetition
repeat (v):
happen or occur again
This is a recurring story
Related Words: recur
repeat (v):
to say again or imitate
followers echoing the cries of their leaders
Related Word: echo
repeat (v):
to say, state, or perform again
She kept reiterating her request
Related Words: iteratereiteraterestate
repeat (v):
repeat an earlier theme of a composition
Related Words: recapitulate
repeat (v):
make or do or perform again
He could never replicate his brilliant performance of the magic trick
Related Words: doublereplicate
repeat (v):
do over
They would like to take it over again
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All is well that ends well

sonu güzel olan hayırdır.
An event that has a good ending is good even if some things went wrong along the way.

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